Please Do Disturb: The Most Disturbing Films We Have Seen


In this episode we will explore the idea of "Disturbing Cinema", and try to figure out exactly what disturbing even means.

To do this we will go on a personal journey exploring what disturbs us and why, and of course, to do this we will indeed list: The Most Disturbing Films We Have Ever Seen.

So, please do disturb, as Tom takes the host's chair to explore his love for disturbing cinema!

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Episode 17 · 1 week ago

Classic Westerns vs Spaghetti Westerns

Warning: In this episode Chris will compare Shane to Funny Games ...

Hi all, 

In this episode Chris, Adam and Tom pull out their guns and join one of the Internets (and pre-Internets) longest standing shoot-outs - the battle between classic westerns and spaghetti westerns.

You may also end up reaching for your guns and aiming them at us actually ...


Because we have picked two films to compare and contrast and neither are by John Ford or Sergio Leone.

We will center today's episode on the most common western tropes of all: the stranger!

Our focus will be on Shane and The Great Silence, two films that would seem made for a perfect double feature. 

We will compare these two films, not just to each other, but to the rest of classic of spaghetti westerns - and explore their relationships, their differences and similarities.

Worried about spoilers? Don't worry, each film has their own spoiler section you can easily skip. (There will also be a spoiler for Django in the Spoiler section for The Great Silence).

Intro: 00:00
Spaghetti Westerns vs. Classic Westerns: 01:53
Shane: 10:45
The Great Silence: 37:00
Outro: 1:07:36

Episode 16 · 3 weeks ago

Film Addiction

Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that you were losing control? That you were watching too many films and that is was negatively affecting your life? Worse yet, have you ever experienced literal withdrawal symptoms?

In this episode Tom, Sol, Lauren and Adam take on the somewhat gruelling topic of film addiction, and explores the difference between cinephilia and genuine addiction, and talk about how they manage their film obsessions.

Episode 15 · 3 weeks ago

Film Purism: How Extreme Are You

Are you a film purist?

And if so, are you an extremist?

In this episode Sol jumps into the host's chair to see just how many of film purist Tom's buttons he can push before he breaks. Co-hosts Adam and Lauren join in for this gut-wrenching human drama of perfect cinema conditions and absolute respect for the artists vs. workouts, cleaning, internet browsing, eating and watching films on 1.5x speed - on your smartphone.

The way that we consume movies has a changed a lot over the past 125 years. It is now possible to pause a film while watching it, watch a film the kitchen while doing the dishes and even eat an entire meal while watching a movie. While this would have seen but a dream back in the silent era, watching a film without being totally focused on it is a growing reality in the world of today. But is that the best and most enjoyable way to watch a film?

Some of the pivotal blasphemies may include:

  • Eating
  • Pausing
  • Exercising
  • Doing chores
  • Browsing
  • Watching a film in parts over several days
  • Watching films while on public transport
  • Watching films on your phone
  • Watching films with a different frame rate, like 1.5x speed
  • Anything that does not replicate exact cinema conditions

Please head over to to let us know!

Episode 14 · 1 month ago

The Bizarre Origins of

Can anything really go wrong if you just want to chat about films? Well ... yes it can!

In this episode co-founders Adam & Lauren are back to talk about the bizarre origins of