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Episode 21 · 1 year ago

Quentin Tarantino Unchained: Master or Hack


Yes It is time for that chat ... Is Questin Tarantino the most unoriginal man in Hollywood, a petty thief with no soul - or is he a great auteur playing around with cinematic conventions and form?

Regardless of how you feel about QT however, he loves cinema, and is likely the most vocal film buff of any living director, not to mention listmaker and promoter. 

No living director appears to be more vocally focused on what he is leaving behind than Questin Tarantino. His promise is clear: His next film will be his last.

He wants to leave behind a perfect set, a work to be proud of - he does not want to grow state or lose touch - but - did he ever have the touch - or was he always a hack? Has he ever had an original idea or made a remotely great film? 

In this episode Chris, Clem and Matthieu will throw their hats in the ring, talk through his filmography - in particular Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction - and also try to answer the burning question: Will he actually be able to stop? 


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