Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Strap yourself in for a Christmas and end-of-the-year episode that will be something out of the ordinary!

Yes, we will talk about our favourite Christmas films: including Sol telling us all how Home Alone traumatised him for life!

And yes - we will also be a bunch of non-Americans thoroughly confused about the appeal of a Christmas Story (sorry).

But above all we are interested in just how different Christmas traditions are born - and how people around the world celebrate Christmas (Jul) and New Year!

Get ready to learn all about nisser, goats, people who hate Germany ... as we also try to investigate:

The crime against new years.

 Where is the New Year Movie Industrial Complex? Where?!!

(Oh, and get ready for a lot of self-promotion about Scotland as well)

So, from all of us here at Talking Images, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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Episode 23 · 3 months ago

Best and Worst Academy Awards Best Picture Winners

Yes, that's right: This is the episode where we arbitrarily pick the best and worst films to have won the Oscar for Best Picture, and, well ... fight it out ...

Do you want to hear us:

  • Shock you with which Best Picture winners we hate?
  • Psychoanalyse the academy voters?
  • Figure out if things are getting "worse" or "better"?
  • Pinpoint trends?

If so, join in for the ultimate Oscars Podcast, spanning from the very first winner in 1929, all the way up to Parasite in 2020 - and for a deep dive in how the Academy actually impacts the real world.

Episode 22 · 3 months ago

Interview with Mary Guillermin - author of John Guillermin: The Man, the Myth, the Movies

John Guillermin, the director of Rapture, The Towering Inferno, King Kong, Never Let Go, Guns at Batasi and a long line of other films is best known for his bad temper, and there have been no comprehensive books on his work.

This has changed: His wife Mary Guillermin has launched a large project to do John's work justice, and the book: John Guillermin: The Man, The Myth, The Movies is now out.

We sat down with her before the release, and had an absolutely fantastic chat about John's life and work: and learned so much!

Did you for instance know that Patricia Gozzi did not know English when she played the lead in Rapture and learned all her lines phonetically?

Or that he really did not want to do King Kong 2, and tried to talk his producer out of it.

We get the answers to several of your listener questions, leaned why he seemed to accept any movie (he really did!) and heard so many stories, including why he disliked Paul Newman but loved Steve McQueen.

I know we all had so many exciting moments here - including some films we had no idea we would discuss - and great insight into John Guillenmin as both a man and filmmaker.

Episode 21 · 3 months ago

Quentin Tarantino Unchained: Master or Hack

Yes It is time for that chat ... Is Questin Tarantino the most unoriginal man in Hollywood, a petty thief with no soul - or is he a great auteur playing around with cinematic conventions and form?

Regardless of how you feel about QT however, he loves cinema, and is likely the most vocal film buff of any living director, not to mention listmaker and promoter. 

No living director appears to be more vocally focused on what he is leaving behind than Questin Tarantino. His promise is clear: His next film will be his last.

He wants to leave behind a perfect set, a work to be proud of - he does not want to grow state or lose touch - but - did he ever have the touch - or was he always a hack? Has he ever had an original idea or made a remotely great film? 

In this episode Chris, Clem and Matthieu will throw their hats in the ring, talk through his filmography - in particular Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction - and also try to answer the burning question: Will he actually be able to stop? 


Episode 20 · 3 months ago

What Scares Us

Are you easily scared? In this episode Chris, Matthieu, Lauren and Sol talk us through the films that traumatized them. Hell, Radio even gets a mention!

Listen in to hear the run-down of the scariest movie monsters, not to mention the silliest movie monsters. We will, of course, talk about the scariest films of all time, but beyond that we will try to unpack just what it is about them that scares us.