ICMFF2020: Main Slate and Highlights From the Festival


Recording in the midst of ICMFF2020, Chris, Matthieu and Tom break down the main slate and the highlights from the festival so far.

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Episode 27 · 2 weeks ago

Studio Ghibli

In this episode we will not just discuss the magical work of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, or the mediocre work of everyone else - we will look at how their careers developed in contrast to each other from their first double feature, to their last.

That is to say, the 1988 double feature that in so many ways showcased what Studio Ghibli could do:

  • My Neighbour Totoro
  • Grave of the Fireflies

And the studio's, at the time, proposed swansongs of 2013:

  • The Wind Rises
  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Almost every film before, in between and after will also get a mention - some in detail - as we marvel at just how these two giants of cinema changed the landscape of anime.

We will also push the arguably already accepted claim that Studio Ghibli - rather than being the Japanese Disney, really was a platform for two great artists to develop their own unique style - screw everyone else!

The fact that the studio has been withering away, is as such no true fall - but a showcase of how it truly was Takahata and Miyazaki holding it all together - and with the older Miyazaki coming out of retirement - and the lesser Miyazaki (Goro) seemingly fumbling into 3D, Studio Ghibli is at an odd place in its own history.

But regardless of where they may go, and if this is really the end - it has been an incredible journey. One we hope to pay tribute to and honour.

Episode 26 · 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Strap yourself in for a Christmas and end-of-the-year episode that will be something out of the ordinary!

Yes, we will talk about our favourite Christmas films: including Sol telling us all how Home Alone traumatised him for life!

And yes - we will also be a bunch of non-Americans thoroughly confused about the appeal of a Christmas Story (sorry).

But above all we are interested in just how different Christmas traditions are born - and how people around the world celebrate Christmas (Jul) and New Year!

Get ready to learn all about nisser, goats, people who hate Germany ... as we also try to investigate:

The crime against new years.

 Where is the New Year Movie Industrial Complex? Where?!!

(Oh, and get ready for a lot of self-promotion about Scotland as well)

So, from all of us here at Talking Images, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Episode 25 · 2 months ago

Single Location Films: Gimmick or Testament to the Power of Cinema?

Get ready for one heck of a claustrophobic rollercoaster ride as Chris, Sol and Tom go through some of the biggest (and some of the most underrated) single location - and primary location - films of all time!

Spoiler Warning: We will spoil Coherence (with a clear warning) - jump to 1:01:00 if you do not want to get the concept spoiled.

We will cover:

Adapted Plays:

Secret Honor: 00:08:33

Street Scene: 00:14:32

Carnage and Roman Polanski: 00:15:35

Sacha Guitry: 00:17:30

Huis Clos: 00:19:10


Exterminating Angel: 00:21:50

Rear Window: 00:25:27

Mother!, Evridiki BA 2037 and Repulsion: 00:29:05

Rolf de Heer's Alexandra's Project and The Quiet Room: 00:36:28


Music Room: 00:42:30

All is Lost: 00:47:07

Low budget:

Stalled: 00:48:56

Pontypool: 51:10

LFO: 52:59

Coherence: 00:57:39 - Spoilers end: 1:01:00

Man From Earth: 1:01:00

Bigger Films:

Lifeboat: 1:04:14

12 Angry Men: 1:06:50

Experimental Films:

Michael Snow: 1.11.14

Marcel Hanoun's Autumn: 1.17.23

Most extreme cases

Buried: 1.19.44 

Locke: 1:24:00


Winifred Wagner: 1.28.40

ATM: 1.31:21

Haze: 1:33:26

Outro: 1:35:37 

Episode 24 · 2 months ago

ICMFF2020: Main Slate and Highlights From the Festival

Recording in the midst of ICMFF2020, Chris, Matthieu and Tom break down the main slate and the highlights from the festival so far.