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Episode 15 · 2 years ago

Film Addiction


Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that you were losing control? That you were watching too many films and that is was negatively affecting your life? Worse yet, have you ever experienced literal withdrawal symptoms?

In this episode Tom, Sol, Lauren and Adam take on the somewhat gruelling topic of film addiction, and explores the difference between cinephilia and genuine addiction, and talk about how they manage their film obsessions.

You are listening to talking images, the official podcast of ICM Forumcom back. I'm Tom and today we are going to discuss film addiction. Well, here to present this podcast due to our love for films, wondering if that passion has ever crossed over to the realm of addiction. What does being addicted to films and tail for those who are constantly craving their next fixed? I will openly admit that I'm addicted to watching films. Through this acknowledgement, I'm able to manage my obsession to ensure that it doesn't have a negative impact on other aspects of my life and during today by my brilliant co hosts, soul, Lauren and Adam, and I have a feeling that they may also consider themselves film addicts or may have been addicted to films in the past. I had soul from Australia. I'm very excited to discuss this topic today. I really like what Tom said about the next six of screen time, because it reminds me one of my favorite films, video drome, which has this center where these people are homeless can go and watch TV and get their fix of TV and the fix of screen time. So yeah, it's a very video dromesh topics, so right up my alley way and Lauren, I don't think I would consider myself a film addict, but I have gone through pretty obsessive film moments in my life, but not for a very long time. Everyone it's Adam. I wouldn't consider myself addicted to films, but I go through various stages where I watch a lot or other stages where I watch almost nothing. So I kind of going between two extremes, I would say, normally. So it seems that we all enjoy watching a lot of films. So I'm excited to find out what extremes or what lengths people have gone to in the past or presently in order to keep up with their fix of films. So the first part I'd like to explore it's find out if any of you ever been in a position where you're watching too many films but couldn't stop. That's hilarious. First questions, because I think I am currently in that position at the moment, where I'm watching a large number of films. The number of films that I've been watching each year as increase every year ever since I've joined the ICM. Forum. I think I'm currently in that right at the moment. We're all sort of want to wean myself off watching films a little bit. I've watched a lot of films at various points, but never to the point where I haven't been able to stop. I've just been enjoying them so much that I just keep going, but never that I can't say, okay, I got to stop now and I can't. Yeah, with Lauren, I don't think I've ever felt like I can't stop. I just sometimes started watching a lot and I've watched a lot, but I wouldn't say it's got to the point where I want to stop by I can't. It's the same for me as well. They obviously I love watching films, but there's never been a position where I can't stop. I've just got to get the next one on after finishing the one. That had been times where I watched it ridiculously large amount of films, one after the overpot. It's still not something that's taken over, but we've been able to take a break and do other things and don't let it control my life. So it's never to that extent. Now I'm wondering if there's been any times when any of you have taken film viewing too far? I don't know how to answer that one. Taking it too far the pins. How you define it by too far? I do get an incredible number of films in, but I do have all time job, but I do have to go to work every day, so it's not like I'm watching films in between classes or as I'm driving to work or driving home for work. That's not happening. So I don't know how you define it as too far, but I guess with some of the multitasking things that I talked about in the film purism podcast, like eating while watching a film, one o people like Tom would say that's too far. I personally wouldn't say watching or doing exercise while watching a film was taking it too far. Even doing the dishes while watching a film is taking it too far, and I'm sure other people have opinions on that. I don't think I have taken it too far, although I guess I have to bring up the time when I watched just over three hundred movies in a month for a horror challenge. But even though I was a lot of films I scheduled in breaks. I did forty minutes of exercise every day, I ate properly, I showered, I got at least seven hours sleep. So it was a lot of films, but I didn't lose out on anything at any time, so I don't think it really counts as going too far. Also, had no other commitments or anything I had to do. Yeah, I also wouldn't say I'm taking it too far, but I kind of like Tom to the fine work too far means, because is watching three hundred films in my month too far? You know what's the definition? It depends on your point of view, doesn't it? Because we all love films and love watching films, but just your average person, they're not going to watch three hundred films. Was it?...

Three hundred films in a month was, wasn't it? That's a crazy amount of films. See. I I think that that could potentially be taking it too far. I certainly respect Lauren for doing it and giving it shot. It's quite feet, so I don't want to take away from that. So suppose the definition too far is comparing us to what average people may watch or consider potentially is less than one film the day. It might be even one film a week or just a couple of films a month. So when you view it from that perspective, you've got to think that perhaps what we are doing in watching so many films could be considered taking it too far. I do remember Lauren going into Rehab after that month. Don maybe she can talk about that experience. I just didn't watch horror films for like six months. I don't know. I'm still a bit confused about this whole too far issue. It's not dangerous to be watching this number of films. I don't know, I just was a bit more clearty. Is Maybe need it in terms of what too far actually means. I watch cinemania yesterday and like, there's one guy who refuses to go to funerals or weddings, was visiting a family member in hospital because he needs to watch films. I think that's probably too far, but I think if you don't have any other commitments or important things you have to do, I don't know, it really can be too far. That's a great point, loan. So suppose we could consider the definition of taking it too far when it has an impact on other aspects of your life. There's one instance where I actually canceled. Go into it a social event because I got last minute tickets to see a film that I really wanted to see. There were free tickets, so I wouldn't have lost out if I hadn't have gone. But because I wanted to see the film and the opportunity arose, I just made it a pretty lame excuse so I could watch the film, and that's perhaps when I took it too far. That was only a one off, though. In case you're wondering, the film that I really wanted to see was Annabelle. So it wasn't a particularly amazing film, but because I had enjoyed film set in the insidious, conjuring kind of universe, I was excited to see more of that and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity. It was also a preview screening, so it was an opportunity to watch the film two or three weeks before general release. I used to attend a lot of those screenings and that used to be useful for my blog and doing reviews for films prior to them being released. Going slightly off topic, but in terms of too far, I used to wake you see game called football manager, and I remember it got to the stage where, like, I was kind of disappointed and it was like Friday night, you know, I was at uni, I was going out because I like to finish the season and football manager and I'm checking the game in the bin like drug addict. But that's not happened. To be the films, I would guess, going too far, as we were seeing family of friends and you choose to see films instead of it, or you're kind of disappointed that you're going out and doing stuff. I got to that stage and a long time. I got UNI at one point because I had so much free time, but it didn't really happen with films from me like that. Okay, just to clarify now they've got a definition of too far. I've not put off weddings or funerals or other social events in order to watch films. Occasionally, I might be disappointed if it's a family function that I'm obliged to attend which I know is not going to be very exciting, but it's not southern which is going to be eating or nor and away inside of me that I'm not watching a film because I'm here. Maybe a bit of disappointment, but I don't think it's quite the two far extreme that other people have now defined for us, and please that we will search well rounded characters, that none of us have really taken it too far in comparison to the cinephiles that we see in Cinemaania, which will be discussing a bit later on. The next point I'd like to discuss is why we watch so many films. What's the driving force behind our viewing habits? Driving Force for me at the moment is a gamification, which is a either made up or maybe not made up term which is used on I check movies and the I check movies forum, where you are constantly watching films because you want to progress in the ranks on I check movies or because you want to do well in the official challenges which are held on Icem Forumcom. I'd say the main reason why I'm watching so much the moment is because there's always incenterves who watch more films, and even if it's not a challenge that you are going to win, as all these awards set up where if you watch so many in a month and if you don't get into the top five or so on, you're still get an imaginary award for it and now it's imaginary. I know it's not real, but it's just that look of I guess, seeing your name and bright lights, that sense of achievement to have actually done it. I don't know, it's a personal sense of achievement. I guess maybe doesn't say very much about my own life at the moment if I'm valuing that achievement so much, but look,...'s what makes sense to me at the moment. For I joined I check movies and the ICM forum. I would be spending ages working out what to watch. Like I'd be going around for forty five minutes up and down my house trying to work out what I'm feeling in the mood to watch. I see him from sort of the reverse on me, I'm watching more films than ever before, or because I've got choices of what to choose. So I've got more reasons to watch things the world from one spectrum to the other, and I prefer knowing what to watch rather than spending ages work out what to watch. I guess event I have to find that happy medium somewhere in between. I'm similar to soul in that the gamification of I check movies really a big part of making me want to watch more. I guess I haven't really focused much on this progress and stuff like that for maybe about five years now, but the first few years after joining I check movies. I went from watching maybe ten films a month to about three a day. And it wasn't just that I wanted to progress on the list, it was just that films excited me so much as well. So I like the Gamification, but if I didn't like films, then gamification wouldn't be enough to make me watch as many as I did back then. For me, I would say it depends on my life circumstances. So when I first got into a check movies and films, I was at Uni and I left Uni for a while and I kind of had more three times. So I watched a lot of films about point, and then the last few years I haven't really watched that many films actually at all, and then in the last few weeks I've started watching more. I don't know, maybe because a lockdown. So a lot, a lot for me depends on how much I have going on in my life and lockdown has increased the amount I watch. The gammification aspect I don't think I'm in the rankings anymore. It's not something I really care about. Know Me, at the moment I'm working through the five hundred under four hundred list. So I do care about the list, but it depends on the fine gimification. I'm not working for the list. So that in my head of other people and working for the list because I like working for a list and a lot of the films are good. So I think they're Adam you're more interesting the self satisfaction of watching the films rather than the angle that perhaps soul was looking at, which is competing with others and trying to watch more films and move up the rankings. So it's an interesting comparison there. I think that my reasons for watching so many films are quite different to everyone else's. So when I was younger I always wanted to be a writer. That was my dream job, my aspiration. At first, when I was younger, it was just stories. As I got older it's stemmed into reviewing films. I wrote reviews for a number of websites set up my own blog, except for so the reason why I watch so many films was to try and help myself become a while rounded critic. I felt like to push my views and opinions and other people in these reviews. I needed to have seen all of the classics and all the key films. That was the real driving force for me when I found I checked movies. That really helps this because all the lists were available so I could see all the films that I needed to see to complete certain lists. The gamification never really took hold for me. Law Cruising the lists and using them to help me choose what I need to watch, but I've never really been obsessed with the rankings or anything like that. I might just throw it out there that I do like watching films to be more rounded, like Tom and especially with all the different country lists on. I check movies to be able to have you understanding and appreciation of all facets of cinema. But I guess I just have a very competitive nature and that sort of has played a little bit into my behavior and watching wires in the batter four years since joining I check movies and the ICM forum, I completely understand your competitive nature. Their silent and must admit that it is satisfying when you complete a list or you get a new trophy. It's not the main driving force. I to explain, but there is a little glimmer of satisfaction when you make a bit of progress and unless you've been working on for some time, I might just throw it out there. I actually haven't completed a single list on I check movies. I'm in the top, I think, a hundred and seventy five users and I haven't got a single platinum award. I'm actually trying to see how high I can go without getting a platinum award. I don't know. It's something which is always struck me as quite interesting because I had no platinums when I joined up to I check movies. Only had one gold award. I think I've only got five gold awards now and I'm trying to see if I get really high in the ranks by checking up some of the titles of some the longer list which only just doesn't want to official list. I'm competitive, I guess, in a way, but I've also interested to see if I can do it in a slightly different way to other people. So if you've seen every film on a list apart from one specific one and it's a film that you really want to see, say it was a new David Cronenberg film that it sneaks into a list, would you... it or would you hold back to keep working on your rankings about completing any less? That's a very good question. However, based on the list that are out there at the moment, I have researched them and all the lists have got some films in there which either unattainable for me or which I have no interest in seeing or limited interest in seeing. I don't imagine there would be a problem. Yeah, I'd probably more be a problem if a new list got added to I check movies and I was one step away from a platinum on that, or if a new list got added and it was, I know, some random horror list which automatically had a platinum on and I might give a little bit of a sigh, but I guess it's not going to eat away at me or stop me watching films. It did get to a point where there was a few list roles like one step away from getting a gold awards as cry keep the golds to a minimum, and the end I just thought, you know, it's pointless or whatever, and some of those lists of actually gone above ninety percent on. I don't think it's a single list at the moment where I'm close to getting a platinum on and which I want to see every single title. But who knows, that might change and I will address that issue when it becomes an issue. I love your dedication to check movie solemn list. It's great to hear. Now I think that, as we've heard from Lauren that she watch three hundred films in a month, she is probably going to come out on top of this specific topic. But I'd love to find out what is the most number of films you have seen in one day and I'd also be interested to find out how you felt at the end of that day. If you can recall, on Easter Monday last year I had nothing much to do, there was no work, nothing was open. I thought, okay, look, I'll sit down and I'll have a go at seeing how many films I can fit in. Chris I'll usual host, has actually done eleven films and one day and he posted about it on the I check movies forum, which is what's what it gave me the idea to see how I could go with that. I did eight films in one day on Easter Monday of last year, or maybe was the year before. It was one of the Easter Mondays, two thousand and eighteen or two thousand and nineteen. I got through eight films. I felt a little bit sacy by the end of the day. Actually took a break in the evening and I went out and did some late night shopping for about half an hour and came back got a bit of fresh air. It made me feel better. Yeah, otherwise I was fine, though it felt a bit wow afterwards. Anyway, quite recently, actually, on another Monday during the school holiday, so I wasn't working, I managed to try and beat the record and I managed to get a nine films in one day. Actually didn't feel too bad at the end of that. I mean again, a little bit spacey, but I made sure that I went outside during the day. I I wasn't just watching films continuous nails, also going on the ICM forum and posting about them, so it wasn't just film watching. I think the total number of hours or something like thirteen, or I think it's just under thirteen hours. So it's like twelve hours and forty five minutes or something like that, because I deliberately chose shorter films while I was doing it and I didn't just sit there doing nothing. I used my treadmill and I got some exercise in. So I think that's one of the days where I got thirtyzero steps in because I was doing exercise or watching the films, also making my meals and eating, because I don't mind doing that while watching a film. So it was interesting. It was a sense of achievement getting up to nine. I don't think I'll ever be able to crack nine and let's I deliberately go for those such are all seventy minutes or less. That's not what I went from that recent Monday. I think most of them were being seventy and nineteen minutes. So during the the three hundred film month, the most films I watched in one day, and I've never watched more sense, was eleven. I did that, I think, four times, and most days it was around zero. The least that I watched in that month was five. Yeah, mostly was about eleven. The longest day it was sixteen hours worth of films. I can't remember any specific day, but I remember I was pretty energized throughout most of the challenge until I got to about the twenty of October and then I started to feel really exhausted and it started getting harder and the more films that I watched, them more drained that I would feel. But up to that point didn't matter what it was, watching five or eleven a film, fine either way. Yeah, I haven't got to the stages of Lauren and others. I think I've only ever really watched three or four films in a day. I don't really have the stamina to watch five films a day for a month, for example. I kind of get sick of it after a while and I stopped concentrating. I think was quite important when talking about addiction is, you know, someone could hear about Lauren saying who doesn't watch films? You know, they could hear it and think it's crazy. But I think what's important is what Lauren would have done if she wasn't watching all those films, because I feel like addiction there's like an unhealthy thing that takes you away from doing positive things. But if you're watching films like Lauren was in place of not doing that much, you know, maybe...'s actually a positive thing in her life. So I think it depends on what she would have done. Otherwise I would have done absolutely nothing, I know, and I would have got in a lot less trade billing if I wasn't watching films. On the day when I watched nine films, was watching the films stopping you from finding other hobbies and finding active things to do, for example, Lauren, or was it kind of obsession, watching like three hundred films in a month that that kind of become what your life was a boat, instead of perhaps finding other things which might be more positive or beneficial? Well, at the time I wasn't doing anything. I wasn't at UNI, didn't have any friends, I lived at home and I just love films. Films was the thing that I love the most and I thought this was a cool challenge while I have nothing else to do. I did actually work a couple times in that month as well, so I wasn't literally doing just nothing, but pretty much just nothing. So this was the most productive use of my time. But now I mean the other month. I watched three films in the entire month. So now I'm actually busy. I'm doing my post Grad and I live out of home and I work and I have not really a social life. But I have more stuff going on than I did back then. There's no way I'd be able to watch that many now. I'm very interested in Adams Line of questioning here about asking there is at the things, other things that we could have pursued. As someone who hasn't watched as much as Lauren but who has got through quite a few days, we have done six or seven films in a day. I sort of like what you expect us to be doing. Should we be searching for cures for cants or cures for Covid nineteen rather than getting through this many films? Yeah, I'm not trying to criticize anyone. I'm just saying that some people who don't much money films they see as a negative. I think it's important to know that. You know, for some people, watching films is a positive thing. And we were talking about addiction, you know, has a very negative connotation, like drugs or alcohol, and clearly those kind of things are damaging to you. But you know, maybe it was a positive thing the lauren was watching it at that point in our life when she wasn't as busy, because I was just curious as to the reasons behind why she would watch so many films at one point and now not watch that many because for me, for example, there was a point where I left Uni and I watched a lot of films and I think it kind of filed a void a little bit because I wasn't doing that much for a few months or a year or as know. You know, over time, as I got busier I was with working full time, I kind of adduce so much I watched. So I think for me personally they might the films ever watched, as often been associated with how much is going on in my life. So I was kind of curious about was the same for other people. Watching films is a positive experience for all of us and I respect Lauren for making the most of it a time. I think if I had a month where I had no commitments and was able to watch a hell of a lot of films, I probably would do that. I don't know if I'd do it to the extent that Lauren had bought add certainly relish that opportunity watching films as what I enjoy doing with my free time and therefore I do tend to prioritize watching films whenever I get the chance to do so. For the question that I asked about the most number of films in one day, I'd watched seven in one day and that was actually at a film festival and at the end of that day it was a great feeling. To be honest, I was drained. I was tired because it takes a lot of focus. People might not think that. They might imagine that you're sat in a dark room with a light, so it doesn't really take much energy, but it does if you really want to focus and get the most out of the film. But it was great. It was just a really fun day and I think I may have repeated that two or three times. At the festival there's usually one day each year where they squeeze seven films in, so that was great. We almost touched upon this in our previous conversation and I'll just like to find out how everyone deals if you go a long period of time without watching a film. Well, on average I would watch to the three films a day. Yeah, there will be some days and which only get through one film. If I go an entire day without watching a film, I do get a little bit Antsye, I guess I think I've had one day in the last year or actually managed to not get a film in because I had too many commitments. I was running around doing other stuff and at the end of it I just sort of felt like I didn't really have that me time. They hadn't sat down and watched a film, which is something that I'm just used to doing every day. So I would say yeah, I I go a whole day without watching a film, I would still get that feeling that I haven't really had the personal time that I'm used to having and used to experiencing watching a film. So a me one day would be a long time, but I could definitely go a few hours. Okay, I mean of course I can go a few hours. Yeah, I'd say twenty four hours would be quite long for me. Twenty four hours. I wouldn't call that a long time, but I like your dedication to the world of films and impressed that you would struggle... go a whole day without watching films. I'm almost similar. I Love Fanny Watch at least one film the day, but there will be times in my life, for instance if I'm on holidays or staying with friends, where that's not always possible, and you really with those instances I'm having fun and doing over thing, so we're not really focused on the fact that, oh, I could be watching it a film now if I wasn't here, because obviously really enjoying what I'm doing. The on holidays point is interesting because I have been on a few overseas vacations when overseas travel was actually possible without fourteen day quarantine periods. Oh, I have gone a whole day without watching films, you know, a few times over the last twenty years, but I'd say the last time we're probably gone two days in a row without watching a film with some time in high school, which will I'm thirty three now, so I guess that's half a lifetime ago. Can I just ask themselves, when you are on holiday, how would you go about watching films? Would you take your laptop with you so you've got access to them, or or what would you do in that instance? Well, just be whatever playing on our local TV. And of course there's the in flight movies and I think I mentioned one of the previous podcast that I saw the dark night, for instance, as an in flight movie. Yeah, there'll be other ways, or just see what's playing on TV, because I won't be spending the whole time out when I'm on vacation. Will be some time when I'm in the hotel room by myself and I'll just be out of less choice. But whatever's playing on TV of the going to house movie is whatever is available. I don't think I would have gone more than two consecutive days without seeing a film. When I was younger, I used to think that if I went a day without watching a film that there was a waste of a day. So a few years where it would be very rare that I'd go more than two or three days without watching a film. But over the last couple of years sometimes I've gone six weeks without watching a film. And to talk about like going on holidays, I used to always bring my laptop stopped full of films, basically so that I could average about two a day for the entire time that I was away. I would never watch that many, but I always wanted a selection of films. Yeah, and the last couple of years I've been at UNI and generally when I've been overloaded with assessments, I don't even think about film, not watching it. I'm just trying to do my assessments. And get by and for me, like film isn't a relaxing thing. So if I'm mentally exhausted, the last thing that I want to do is is go watch a film, because that's not a shot my brain off type of activity. So yeah, I think four to six weeks is the Max amount of time I've gone without watching a film. But now I don't think about how long it's been. I just go I feel like watching a film, so I go watch a film and that's it. Now I think I'm similar to Lauren. Two years ago I watched a lot of films and then I moved to London at the end of two thousand and sixteen and I think since I moved especially, I haven't watched that much. When I came home from work, I've been watching more TV. TV to me is more relaxing, so I watch more TV, probably know, than I used to. Were as films I watch depending on my mid I've gone a few weeks as well without watching a film and then sometimes I'm just in the mid. I tend to go in my bursts at the moment. Maybe I'll go a few weeks of it watching a film and then I'll go like a week where I watched quite a lot. I've been going to the cinema more in London, you know, before lockdown, so I got to the cinema more than I used to and I watched more GV they used to. But I think my overall number of films watched is definitely decreased. In terms of holidays, I don't normally watch films on holidays, unless you know, when I went to Malta, we went to film festival and I was really great. When I was in Chicago, I saw before midnight. Was it the first time I was screening there? And when I went on a holiday with foreign people, we also were watching like bad films together because it was funny. But normally when I go on holiday I probably won't really watch anything in a normal had and the same as you Adam in that I rarely watch films when I'm on holiday. I think the one exception to this was when I was in New York on a family holiday and there was a day where we all went off to do our own different things and I decided to visit this film museum over in Brooklyn and I got there and it was closed for the day. So I was pretty disappointed. Didn't know what to do because I'm a family doll. God their separate ways to do whatever they wanted to do. So I headed to the nearest cinema and I got to watch the hit bocker because it wasn't out in the UK yet. So it's kind of exciting to see that, maybe a month or so ahead of my friends in the UK. But other than that, when I'm on holiday it's a time to kind of relax and unwind and take a break from my normal day to day life. I like what Lauren said about it being a waste of a day if you don't watch a film. I know that's not something that is current in Lauren situation, but it's the same for me. It's not. I don't currently feel that it's a waste of a day, but in the past I have felt that not watching a film has been a waste of a day and I think when you have thoughts like that that does kind of Dave into film addiction, like you really want to watch film a day and if you don't you feel kind of let down in some way, and that kind of links in nicely with our next point, which is whether watching so many films can be considered...

...unhealthy in any way. I don't know if watching too many films can be unhealthy. It probably depends on what else you were doing. If you're a film purest, it might be, because then you're sitting in front of the screen the whole time. You're not leaving for any reason. You know if your phone with you at all in that situation. And then yes, if you are doing other things, like you're eating, you're preparing like things, well, a movie is on, I don't know if it can be unhealthy. I think like what we said earlier. I mean too much of anything is unhealthy, but I think it's only really a problem if it's taking away from other parts of your life. I think if that's what you enjoy doing and that's what is bringing you joy or that's what you want to feel your day with. And I don't think too much of it is a bad thing. But it is easy to get burnt out when you're watching a lot and that can sometimes put you off watching for a little while, sometimes water six weeks. Yeah, I think it's only too much or unhealthy if you're actually negatively affected. I mean if you're enjoying it, that's what you want to do. I don't think that's a bad thing. I don't think it's unhealthy to watch a lot. I think it depends on you and your life in general. I think a lot of the top people I see they've kind of watch non stop for a long period and then kind of burned out and not watch that many for a while. I would guess a lot of people watch a lot of films depending on like their life, and then at some point maybe they get married, maybe the suddenly have more commitments and the hobby kind of reduces into something which is much more normal. I do think there will be some people in the world or for whom it is unhealthy and it becomes the only thing they do, but I don't think it's people on the forum generally think watching too many Turkish comedies can be very unhealthy. Well, actually, I think that's an interesting point because terms of like I don't know if it's addiction, but you know, years ago we were working on the I'm to be top S and there was a point where Lauren and I were watching these films that we hated just to complete the list. One thing has changed for me is a few years ago, just because I wanted to complete a list, I would sit for two hours of a film that I absolutely hated and it caused a pain to me. But nowadays I think if I was watching that kind of film, I probably would just quit because I wouldn't think it's worth kind of what's the point of me wasting tours watching a film I hate, whereas a few years ago I just sat through it anyway. So I think it's not that healthy to watch films that you absolutely hate. The cause you pain, and I think in that respect that could be unhealthy, and that's something has changed for me. Unfortunately, I hate or greatly dislike most films I watch, so I'm usually in a lot of pain. I know you've said that before, Lauren, but I actually think that's it interesting try, because you've said before that you're never sure when you sit down to watch a film whether you'd like it or not, which is a bit different to me, because I pretty much know what sort of films I'm going to dig so I'm not very often surprised by my reaction to a film and I think I would appreciate it if I had a taste where I was able to be surprised more of for about what I appealed to me and what didn't appeal to me. I generally have an idea of what I might like. It's just that I'm mostly surprised the films that I see that I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate, that, that's pretty good films, that I think there's no way I'm not going to love this, and I want to stab myself in the face. So I just watch everything and hope for the best and usually get the one. Having said that, I feel like you don't hate as much now as you did a few years ago. Or maybe that's just because you watch lass. I'm not sure. That's my impression, though it's probably because I watch less. But I actually I don't really hate that many films. It's just I don't like many films. I write most things a four or five, which is just, you know, bad or myth. But hate is actually quite red not as rare as me loving a film. But I don't hate as much as it sounds like I did. I really like Adams pointed out it being on howth he watching films that you don't enjoy, because I'm quite similar to lying in I will watch films that I know I'm probably not going to enjoy just because it's a film in a list that I'm currently working on. One thing that I'm surprised no one mentioned here, because I thought this would be brought up, is the notion of couch potatoes, because there's lots of people who, you imagine, just just don't move from their couch and I just sat in front of the screen all day. I know that's not the case of any of us because, you know, we're people who exercise and take care of ourselves, but I think watching films can become unhealthy if you're someone that does nothing but that the main focus is just your sat on the Sofa watching films all day, day and day out, not really leaving the house and in all of our aspects of your life in favor of film watching, and I'm happy that none of us have gone to that extent in a film viewing habits. The only way you can become a couch potato would be if you are a film purest, because that you're sitting there, dedicated, just sitting there watching it. I think if you're not a few and purest, that you don't mind doing other stuff while films on, things where you can still pay attention to what's going on, but you're getting a meal, you might be preparing a meal, you might be doing some exercise. I think as long as you're not a film purest,...

I think it's really hard to be actually really become that couch potato scenario that people imagine when you took toll them are I watch nine films on this day. I'm pretty much a potato. I do work out more now, but definitely I when I was younger. I mean I was a beast for like twenty years. I did not move. I would have to disagree with your point there, Sol because I'm a film pureist, but I'm not a couch potato. I exercise regularly, a healthily and I leave the house to meet up with my friends and do things as well as watching films as sorry, Tom I wasn't calling you a couch potato. I guess the point I was making is that if you watched seven films a day, a not at a film festival, but at home seven a day, you'll just be sitting here on the couch doing nothing, whereas when I watch seven films a day during the holidays, I'm doing exercise and other stuff. Also, I'm not just sitting there idly the whole time. Offense, guys, I don't mean to call anybody couch potatoes, so apologize if there's anybody listening who is a couch potato. I'm not having got you either. It's a lifestyle choice and I don't maybe support it, but you know I can don it. So I think from what we've discussed so far it's pretty clear that a lot of US share similar traits in how we watch films, and we are all addicted to some extent, or have been in the past, and I'm curious if this part of your personality has extended to other areas of your life or whether it's something that's just remain focused on films. I have an extremely addictive personality. This stage it is only senser on films, and I think that's good, because films helped me to learn things. I learn about the world, I learn about history, I learn about famous authors, so much you could actually learn just by watching films from all around the world and from all decades. By technology has evolved everything that really riches you when I was younger, so this is like going back to probably before high school. Maybe early high school years. There are some computer games, like one was called Theme Hospital. Well, just sit there for hours and just played and play it and play it, and my parents would tell me you've got an addictive personality, soul and I'm like HMM, okay. So when I was growing up before I really got into film, so I'd say when I was, you know, eleven or twelve years old, really interested in music, I was really interested in movies and one point I really homed it on the music and then movie sort of took over and it sort of hasn't gone back since then. I don't know there's anything else that I'm really addicted to at the moment. I do know that I've got an addictive personality. So there's some things that I don't get into because I know with my sort of personality, that I might not be able to stop doing it. As you can tell with film watching at the moment and podcasting at the moment. That's also very addictive. Yeah, I have a pretty addictive personality as well for a more centered around just spreadsheets in general. The film is definitely my biggest passion, so it mostly focuses around that. I mean, I'm pretty into books at the moment I'm reading a lot. I watched a lot of albums and work on a lot of album lists. If it's on a list, what if there's a list of something, then I want to work through the list. The thing is, if I'm not interested in something, then I won't do it. So I either love it and want to do all of it, or I have no interest in going anywhere near it at all. And I get addicted to video games occasionally, but not as much as I used to. But yeah, these days I'm not really addicted to anything, but there are some days where I just want to spreadsheet and I'll just spend my whole day making a spreadsheet. So that's probably my only addiction now. I guess I have a bit of an addictive personality as well. I don't know if it's like this for anyone else, but I'm very much an all or nothing kind of person. So sometimes it's kind of annoying when I listen to bands, for example. You know, if I really like bands, then my favorite band suddenly I've got to listen to like everything they've ever released. I have like a big spreadsheet or like older songs. I find it hard to like a band, for example, and just listen to a few songs and kind of forget about them. Instead, I can have tous into everything they've done. And, as I mentioned earlier, the only thing I was truly addicted to it was a football manager game which got to the extent and I chucked it in the Bin and never played it again, seven or eight years ago and I haven't played this since, but I don't play video games at all anymore. But yeah, my my issue is more like what Lauren said, that I'm kind of obsessed with spreadsheets and list if I go on holiday I make a big list of like attractions to go through and everything. So my issue would be when I really like something or very interested in something, I can I get a little bit obsessed with having to like explore it fuly. I don't know if it's a problem necessarily, my addiction does not carry over and alcohol or drugs or anything. I've never done drugs, I don't drink that much, so it's not a particularly unhealthy addiction, I would say, compared to what some people have. For me, they're always seems to be an all consuming passion in my life. When I was growing it was video games.

Like Saul said, I used to play Theme Hospital and Games like that, Management Games. Never got into football manager because wasn't really football find pots. I can certainly relate to Adam again into that and how it took over as well. I always wanted to complete the games, explore everything they had to offer. I really enjoyed doing that and it would take over. And then, I think as I grew up, got more into music. There is never an addiction as such, but I'd love going to watch live bands, collecting loads of CDs. I used to DJ on nights out as well, so enjoyed that and then it kind of dove it into an obsession with films did, I think, became this addiction that it is now. We're just off watching as many films as possible and have a lot of fun doing it. Just add one thing. You know, that football manager game. It's kind of like Nicm Forum, ideal game. You make lists of where's you're up, offering contracts as all but stats and everything. So, even if you're not interested in football, I think there's a common trait in terms of the types of games we like toteuch, the things we get obsessed with. I think you can see commentarits in all of us, even if we have slightly different interests from each other. Agree there. Adam, you've kind of reminded me of something that I can confess to here, because actually owned a Games console for years, and the reason being is that I know I get addicted to games, so I purposefully avoid having consoles that I don't waste hours of my life playing games. Problem arose few years back because now you can get games that are just as good on your mobile phone and there is a game that I became massively addicted to the detriment of I film watching habits. Are Still Watch films, but it always rather have been playing the game. But I realize that that game is take care of my life my I found this amusing because I knew it's becoming a problem. I got my girlfriend to put a parental lock on the game so that I can only play it for seven hours a week, an hour day, and that's worked. So still play it and enjoy it, but when that would came into place, that parental lock, it meant that my enjoyment of films increased and more time to watch films rather than playing the stupid game, and the game if you want to know, if you're interested, it's Horstone, which is a fantasy card game. been off from wield of warcraft, and it's about as excited as it sounds. Yeah, funny thing is I also don't have a console and I haven't had one for more than ten years, I think, for the same reasons as you, Tom but I don't know what it is. But other games I could kind of play okay, but that football manager game, honestly, it was like an obsession, the one thing that took over me. I think I would have liked consoles and PC games the rest of my life. Probably, in fact, I actually bought football manager a couple of days ago on steam and then twenty minutes later I played for a refund. So I didn't end up playing it. So I almost I was about to play it and I was like no, I can't get back into this again. So I managed to avoid that trap. Of all, I think if I played it now, I don't think it would take over in the same way, but some things are best avoided completely. Yeah, I have to cancel my old school runescape subscription every time semester starts because if I have subscription I warn't doing my homework. So I've had it over the last two months, but I actually have to cancel it now for next week so that I can actually finish the semester because actually all very interesting because I haven't had a game console myself since I moved out of homes. So I've been living on my own for nine years now and yeah, I've didn't bring a console with me, never bought one. I haven't really played any games on the Internet except for, I think it into Tetris a little bit for stretch. I was actually really interested in doing retrochectress for, I don't know, a few days. I don't know why, but otherwise generally chess on Chesscom can sometimes get a little bit addictive so I lose the game or try and play another game. Otherwise, and never really been into games. I mean I did when I was growing up, but I guess pretty much since high school the movies have taken over. It's really interesting it. We've all got similarities with this and kind of addictive personalities. It makes me wonder if films didn't exist, would we be addicted to something else in their place, and I think we probably would. It finds something else to kind of fill that void or fill that gap. Bringing it back to the world of cinema. I thought it'd be nice to just take a look at how film addiction has been depicted in films and perhaps compare our own viewpoints somewhere word it to two films with the portrayal of similar characters in films. Okay, I'm not sure how to respond to this question, Tom I don't know if I've seen a film care it that I can really relate to in terms of my addiction to watching films. I mean there's been some pretty great films made about obsessive filmmakers and people who can't stop filming. I don't know if there's really much that's been mad at people who can't stop watching be on video drove. It all about a metaphor for how immersed be get in watching a film, with putting your head in the television set. And all those people are addicted to the Cathode Ray...

...and and they need to go and get cathode raid support at the our center. But yeah, I don't think there's really re film carriage I can think of that really match me film watching wise. Yeah, I don't think I've seen any either. I watched Cinemaania yesterday, to putting it off for like fifteen years. I was expecting to have more in common with them, but they felt really just foreign to me. I mean parts of things that they fought about life and film I agree with, but just not much of it. I thought like they were too extreme, I guess, like he was talking about earlier, and to me like all the stuff that they were talking about was what would suck the fun out of film for me. So I didn't really identify with them and I don't think I've ever seen fictional character that I related to in that way. Yes, and answer is Lauren. For me, really, I don't think I can relate to them at all. It seems like it's an underrepresented area of cinema. It was perhaps not enough films about people who are addicted films. I watch one quite recently called for Deo man, which is an excellent Swedish film, kind of like a throwback to s films, about a video store owner who's obsessed with horror and Jello films. I really enjoyed watching that and my girlfriend saw a lot of the character traits of myself in the main protagonists and that was quite a good film. Law and mentioned cinema mania, which is an excellent documentary. Agree that the people that we see in Cinema Mania they take film addiction to the extreme because they delve into their pasts. Of these characters. A lot of it relates to their view into films before the Internet was around, and it's fascinating to learn about how they jumped from cinema to cinema across New York, trying to fit in as many films as they could, making sure they didn't miss key films, and that adds a whole new dimension to the world of being addicted to films. It's not something that we really have to contend with anymore because the film is so readily available and it is a fascinating documentary. One thing that I found really strange would that documentary was how they had some sort of, you know, mental problem, like one guy, I think, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm pretty sure some of them had some form of autism and anxiety, and one guy was even taking anxiety pills. But they were so keen to just be out and watching films, whereas I'm determined to not leave the house. I don't think I could feed a cinema addiction because I wouldn't want to leave the house. Ever, it was certainly an extreme representation of what film addiction can be, and I suppose it's realieving in a way to think that I've never took my film view into such extremes. I'm happy to say that I am addicted to films, but and they went to stop to make sure that enjoy all other aspects of my life and that it doesn't take over. I just thought outside, because I've been racking my brains over the last few minutes and I can't think of any narrative films which center on characters who are addicted to watching. I guess it's just not a very cinematic subject to have a narrative film about a person is just sitting there watching all the time, unless you introduce, I guess, some sort of horror fantasy elements where they start delusions or something. I don't know. I guess it's just not something which can be a really enticing subject for a narrative film. I wish I could say they are more film characters where I could relate to and viewing habits, but I can't really think of any off hand. I don't think I'm addicted to films. I'm not sure I ever was addicted to films. I think just my personality means I love list you know, when I like something, I like it a lot, I get really into it. So it could be films, music, anything. But I don't think it's really addiction. I think it's just I find it difficult to just be interested in something a little bit. I prefer to kind of get can put you into it and explore everything, different genres, different years, different countries, that kind of thing. So I check movies. You know. That appeals to me because you're keeping a track of what you've watched. But I don't think it's an addiction at all. I think it's just that my personality means I tend to get more interested in something and I find it difficult to relax and less. I'm kind of focused on passion or something and not someone that he's always sits down and does nothing. So films are kind of a reflection of my personality in general, and lists, you know, I like. I just love lists as well. I'm pretty much the same as Adam. I don't think that I have an addiction to film, but I either love something or I have no interest in it whatsoever. So with film, which is the thing that I love the most, then that is going to seem maybe obsessive or every passionate. But I'd rather be really passionate and obsessive about one thing than just kind of middling around with a bunch of things and not really getting that involved with any of them and try to Adam and Lauren, I would say that I do have a film addiction, but I would say it's probably, in the most part a healthy addiction. But I think about all the other things that I could be addicted to, things that...

...would have me getting stay at a computer screen or things that would have me doing socially undesirable things, maybe the worse things that I could be addicted to, and I guess it's a healthy addiction the way that it teaches me a lot about the world, especially because not just addicted to watching one sort of film. I'm addicted to these film challenges and these lists on our check movies. As I said before, I'm learning all about the world. I learned about geography because I searched places after watching a film, before watching a film I've watching them from a certain region. I learned about changes in technology over time, historical figures, ordern writers, music of certain times, as long as she could learn culturally about the world if sitting down and experiencing or different types of films. So I guess it's my way of learning about the world because I'm interested in the world and I'm interested in just seeing it through the filter of the cinema screen. In terms of the addiction, I can probably be watching less films and I suppose if I had more going on in my life about would be watching this films, but I don't. I'm not in a relationship at the moment. I've got no pets or children of my own to take care of. I've just got a job and I've got something that keeps me interested on the side and at the moment that's what makes sense in my life. So I don't know. That's where I am. It's an addiction. It's not a crippling addiction. It's an addiction that I know I have and I guess knowing and recognizing that it's an addiction is an important step because it will come to the point eventually we're on the D change my habits and if I know that I'm addicted, well, that's half the battle. Might also mention that watching films from different countries also gives me a very good grasp of foreign languages. I've learned a lot of Spanish and French beyond what I would have known otherwise, just from movie titles, from hearing certain phrases repeated and films. So I'm learning a lot culturally by watching different films. Also think it's great that you can take away the positive aspects from being addicted to, or being obsessive ever films because, like Saul says, it's a great way to learn about new cultures, about the world, and I too will sometimes find myself when I'm watching a subtitled film that I'm not particularly interested in, I will listen to the words and look at the subtitles and just try and get a grasp on the language and try and learn a bit more about the language. So there's opportunities to take the obsession and make it positive aspect of your life, which is brilliant. So thank you for listening today. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about film addiction and we would love to hear if you are addicted to films or have any stories about where you've taken film watching to an extreme. If you do, then please share with us on a CM Forumcom and we hope that you will join us again next week. Hi, Chris here learning the podcast on a far more somber no, it's also important to note that if you think you actually do struggle with film addiction, you should consider seeking help. Ties it may have gone too far include, as Tom saw, Lauren and Adam other discussed, the inability to stop and degree socialisation like a baddening commitments for ignoring relationships, but it's also the sign of actual withdrawals of them. If you're not watching films and you feel that you start to get edgy, or perhaps you're losing concentration, you know, you get bursts of anger, etc. It's quite possible that you do have an actual issue. I'm very happy to hear that my co hosts are able to stop and have not experienced these symptoms, at least not recently, which would probably mean that they also wouldn't be categorized as addicted by professionals, though of course, the line between obsession and addiction can be tin if you need to talk. Know that you can always reach out to us at ICM FORMCOM. We have a great supportive community, including many that have gone through more severe viewing habits than those disgust and you're always open to listen. But if you do feel that you don't have control, have isolated yourself away and get gin in withdraw symptoms when you stop, you should seek help from a licensed professional. So on that extremely melancholic note, thank you again for listening and I hope you join us again soon for a far more uplifting episode. Hopefully, you have been listening to talking images, official PODCAST OF ICM FORUMCOM.

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