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Episode 10 · 1 year ago

Eric Rohmer's Comedies and Proverbs Cycle, Part 2


In part 1 we looked at the first 3 films of the cycle:

  • The Aviator's Wife
  • A Good Marriage
  • Pauline at the Beach

We saw how each of these 3 films built and expanded on the same conflict of love and relationships between men and women. Honestly, they would have worked perfectly as a trilogy in their own right.

However, one of the most exciting things about Rohmer's cinema is one of contradiction - thesis - antithesis - synthesis. Each of the three first films had this inherent dialectic within them, but it is not until the second half of the cycle that the films start to directly contradict and be the antithesis to the previous films.

In part 2 we will look at the final 3 films of the cycle:

  • Full Moon in Paris
  • The Green Ray
  • My Boyfriend's Girlfriend

And see if the contradiction can be resolved, if some kind of harmonious consensual love in indeed possible.


Our discussions are in two sets - one based on the basic plot and early development of the story - and then a dissection of the ending and the films as a whole. [b]There will be a clear spoiler warning[/b] at the halfway point.

If you have not seen the films in question [b]you can then skip to the next film[/b], the starting times are:

Introduction: 00:00

Full Moon in Paris: 02:07

The Green Ray: 23:53

My Boyfriend's Girlfriend: 48:17

Conclusion and Summary: 1:10:56

Elcome back to Party of our discussionof Ari Rovers comedies and proverb cyco in Parvon, we look at the fir threefilms, Wot, the CYCL, the amator's, wife, a good marriage and Polena thebeach, and we saw how each of these three fields trilled an expand on thesame central conflict of love and relationship, betweeth, men and women,and for the sametary played out in different ways with escalatingscenarios and resolutions in a way the mever perfectly a centrualogy in theirown right. However, as he spoke about earlier, Romer cinema is mone ofcontradiction. One of the electics cheeses, atetises synthesists, each ofthe first three films had it inherent dilecting within them. As you talkedabout a electic of love, the electic of obsession at the electic of men, womenand each their relationships can actually wor. However, it is not untilthe sect in half of DIS cicle that the fiels Tarto directly compradict and beantitetist to deprevous films. fullmen in Paris is not attis. Turketh,marriage and the Queen Ray iened FIS to Pulin a the beach and in a way, Evanthe entire series, and, with that clearing the way to the posibility ofan actual synthesis ar resolution in the final of the six films, mygirlfriend's boyfriend pencel getting a little bit he head of ourselves. Idon't claim it to be also all back to break don the final tree films with t acycle Tegis a right high. Everyone Im happy to be back to discuss the EST ofthe series, especially as the Greenray is my favorite film from it her guys, clam and very happy to beback to eastcass Cycle Wiz, your I'm Abeus, I'm also very happy to be backand the Green Ray is actually my favorite firm of all time. Soeeydiscussion, es Thegreen, Ratis, absolutely fantastic, but that's aaingeing a little bit of pet of ourselvs. So the first of the last half F. Thecycle is, of course full moon in Paris and again we explore the exact oppositeof the scenario from a good marriage. Louise arlid already asahome in esuberbolntof of Paris. She has a loving partner who wants her and her only butis stuffogating her. She needs to breathe and because of this, sheresrects her Bachelrotte Department in Paris and she needs Paris. She needsher independent to needs. Her friend in need sor carare prospect an herindimaduality, the PROVERBAS. He who has two woman loses his soul. He whohas two houses, loses his mind. My first reaction to this por was okay n.This is the long es the most complicated yet and complicated, evenmore by the fact that it is. I see, as em t be the subject of all this lunkily.We had our own Frenchman Comendat hand. Thank you, Chris, for this niceintroduction, the origin of sentence es Kiadofate oname, I talain. The strangething is that key in French is not man, whoever so technically multicorrecttranslation. Tor Me would be whoever has two wives or two women, whose thesoul and whoever has twrousers osis risen, whoare, obviously o to womenparts can be seen as having two loters whichwe discuss, Lajer, because welllet'd say that the film has something to do with two men or maybe even more,who knows as an interesting prover, because Roma actually came up with ithimself. Bu Honor loves itertureminy. He started his careers, a Frenchteacher, so it's not very surprising that it would come up with proverbswhen you couldn't find one to express what he want. Forman in Peris DAS srikeup a pretty startling difference to at least the first evilnce of the cycle inthat it is just exquisively shot, not Ollin the beach allestarted, his trendwith the beauty of the beaches, but here you're, very rarely outside mostof the sheltered rooms, Ey feel so elegant, and it's also noting that thisis perhaps the most famous lead in all of the vills ortols darling, poscal gerplace to lead and she's just absolutely fantaticar that cameral lobster shebreats such elegance to this role yeah. I think it's impossible to talkabout that film without talking about her, because, of course the aftermentwas that Shehe died like very closely after the firm, I think, from anoverdose. So there's of course, lot of...

...tragedies that its Tang Wer, the filmon. I thing Christmas used to talked about this and metrography. I thinkit's perhaps the most Olone of the most famous and matographers they rumaworkwith Runettabeto Watershit, ons, O Doi, Mal Talanrenes and with stop intolaso.It's maybe not such a big surprise that this film looks so stunning tunding in incalm. This film isultemasquerades the kind of strange plint we see in Louise, because againshe is someone who unliked a beintuged. Marriage really doest want to have itall. She seems to love her boyfriend, I tom extent or aother, but she can't bearound him. She needs absolutely everything at once, and her need isquite interesting, especially compared to all of the alder leads in series forlooking for love, yeah and one of the courts in the filmLuise says. Unlike most people, I can't imagine loving someone who disapprovedof me or ignored me, and I definitely felt like when she says most people, ifia Hat She'as referring to offer people in the films in the series, because inthe first free films, many of the caracters are seeking someone whodisapprovs of them or has ignored them. That's so incredibly true and inthe wayshe istentually the alternate lead in the other infect. She is the point ofobsession while her boyfriend read me, would what radditionally have beenteleed if this fill was following the same andstructure and gall as AA is filyeh. I agree that she sticks out because, unlike the other character, sshe's very hedonistic, she straggles with her life the way she she conceives.If it, I think, Yesisai Bescavoge was perfect for this war because it feelslike she's not really acting. We mentioned earlier that she sadly passedaway from a drug over dors ut twenty five, so she was someone living at thefullest. Let say- and this is something that we can see in the film in Noucharacter- that she wants to leave life as much as a she can and not haveresponsibilities or try to push them as far as as possible fromlife and Yeah Forthi W. I think it's it's the wore that was perfect for heryeah at the beginning of the film. She makes an interesting agreement with herboyfriend whet. She says: Okay, if you find someone else, you go with her andif I find someone else out I'll, tell you and go with him so basicallythey're pleading to be honest and spit up if something happens, but remi, ofcourse, whos. Maybe a bit obsessed with her things that will never happen andin e way she's open to it and thinkin away from the very start. Theirrelationship seems kind of domed like they. They don't really insert themselffor Thein it, or at least Louis, doesn't itshappening to that. relaterally looks dead, especially somethe early scenes. Weneses Lho is having fun with other people. It just lookslike a cold. His eyes have his black grings other than me just looksterrible yeah. I was when I first watched it. I was a jerse. Wo was justme who saw this guy, looking absolutely strange with his eyelice riddy withblood and everything and looking very stale, but it's nice tha son Ales,makes the same obsorvation yeah. I had the exact same observationabout Rami. He almost loived ill and lifeness, leading on from therer. Ithink her friend Oka for me was really the least likable charcter in theentire series pince, it's a very, very weid relationship as well, because he'smarried and he claims to love his wife whenever see her and everything tospend much time with her hewen. He claims it does at the same time he'sjust lusting after his friend and flirting with his friend n doing all ofthese very very strange things which clearly shows that he is severelyinterested in her actid pundit madly yeah. He relates in a way to personellectual, which I think he hits in a very interesting way, certainly becauseit's close to him there's also a scene in the restaurant.I'm not sure if an Eli to say what happened in it, but you know he'.Certainly INP film seems like he Mahe Beteen a sapotage, her relationship,reverme, Oh yeah, definitely he's. Essentially the person whispering inher ear trying to lead her Estrai a little bit nobysly. He doesn't reallyneed any help in that department and to treat him almost towat like a Neismasse,but that's clearly what he wants to do. Yeah. Perhaps I ssluis Biesis News, Hes,a writer after all, so he might be attracted to the sort of mysteriousqualities in her and I think PAS UGIA put pertrays. Shehas his patral when she's onscreen.

That is something mysterious and uniqueabout her something nightly something that might lenkon her to the moons oreraticism mysticism and so o yeah. Absolutely. Yes. I think it's alsointeresting to notice that I think, whenever Sheis in Paris it'sduring the night and whenever ye see her not embarrassing, Lonan whereiwasin Liza, I during daytime usually very early from what I remember it doesn'tlave her in a place where much looks like to be up Inin inhand, also becausehe doesn't seem to be the type of person who is feeling comfortablearound people that artis we well mentioned earlier. How most Sek andPaie looks when he was at some party at the beginning, Oer, the movie Andi, think bod was collow Geer andafter place, Realy really manages to portray these conflict thing Oroff in away that moer between them always clacious and Otl of the real interesting things thatI mentioned previously is that most of the scenes are set indoors and often wehave simply two characters, or even just least, for instance, on a phoneand it works. The tensioniss there e part is the beautiful, O metography inthe way I ins is captured, but there's also something in this presence. I ITSNOT COSE OPHOBIC for most of it like some of the seads we so insideens Te daMitter's wife, it'. Former elegant is forward Hender, but there is still somarsh. Passionate life theres still drawng into these conversations intothese characters, even though there's totallittle else happening around them,and it is, is just so well down by all of the actors involved and, of courserolred is the potographer as well. Andthe ineres are very nicely framed inthese medium fvices. We should have give the character some place tointeract with their urrounding sto to some freedom. I think one of myfavorite scenes and films actually when loisas Sad, her apartment in Paris andshe's just sitting around in her bed feeling board, which he previously says,ihave never had the chance to be bored before and NASE wantsto experienced itand I think that's so nice to catch it. The way she simply set up there and yousort o feel the Buren in her, which elicits at least for me, alot osympathy to see a characters. It's bored UNSCREENG. I think it's amazing. It's certainly unusual. Yes, I agreepersonally. Think woman emparises are the EST favorites of forth six films.It's still a good film, but something just didn't really click with me. Iguess Pascaog obviously they're interesting to look at, but I I think Iwould have liked it to bet more. If the potes was put on Eni Belt, a biterlittle bit more in the film, we could maybe see a bit ittmorrow or any feelsabout the situation. WELAC, absolutely loved the FEMIMANpart because of how elincand beautiful is in the presence of Pascolo Ger. Ithink it might feel a litt lighter on some of the content and the other filmswhich have or more th almost brutal force between the counterpart likeYousad. In this one ram is more distant n, it's more sombere. It doesn't havethat Parsh, but is this so beautiful? Look at his soul, easy to be absoredand I noges Chag that Pascolo brings such a annormal presents to ICRE thatit Solti possible to look away. It is quite a unique talent. It's also veryunique for Romer, it's a FOM Situato, almost entirely at night, which is Yuradly. Se Him do it's a very interesting ecodomy and that's a veryusual the economy that Louis is situated and sort of between adulthodand child or sort of WH. What you call being young and being bit older whay. You can still go out,wherea, it's being old and settled and whut I like so much about theparticular on the Rewatchwas, how it's quite melancholic, without ever being avatly dramatic and the Ameswere remuch good to me, Ervect excetion, to be ast melancholicwithout being too damantic spoil a warning. One thing that's really interestinghere is that the final act, the climax, if e, will that in each of the previousfilms were played out as a confrontation between the twocounterpalls Bay, not a little bit differently here. So in each of theother films, we see a one to one...

...meeting in a closed room and they act the DIFFERENC, sout, ineursoul and a goal eseparate ways regards of the outcome of the relationship.Overall. Here this scene actually takes place four times the very first time atthe end of act. One it's like the film is already complete. As we see thestrained relationship Offr me and Lulis coming to pieces, which is also wherethe atthe end agree to this arrangement and then all else com all suspicions,all all of the midsection Han e Barelin Idim- do we Dan' get the climax againthree times. First, with a friend Octava who in manyways it's been the Olter love interest, if he will, even though we it neverveels anything for him, he comes into her apartment producehimself on her, not by force e just by his worge, and really tries to winherover and DHISCONFRONTATION PLA out again exactly the same way as theprevious one trying to push the other out one trying to leave and receive asa elationship resolved and then something of it interesting happens. Weget interrals between these wit. Louise meet up with a lover. Hes just meantcheating on her ne for the first time, her waking up feeling comfortable withyourself and going to restaurant a meeting a complete strangure and Tayplayout thisact with I speak and speak about the moon, and they speak aboutthe alignment this be about. So many things that in many ways reflectreleases in their life itself. In that many merge, this third climax ishurring, countering herself and a finally finally reget thirped of heconversation with Rem. But now the tables are turned because we allremember the compromise that she is forced upon. Er Me that if he found nota woman, he could tell her and leave and ifchieve another man. She couldtell him and leave and she never told her me- would do it, but remy has metanother woman. Remy is leaving her and this just after her discovery that sheactually wants to be with him as she actually wants to live with him, as sheactually wants to make this helife, and it is a again not areally dramanticmoment. Bat is certainly a SOMBR and elacholic moment. I don't know if it'struly the decision to stay with Remy but more of sudden r regret on her partor having cheated on him, and then her got reactions to go back, whereas Ithink during the entire foom what she really wants from remeis stability,stabiliiter, tat, day life and that sortmhe gives her. But she also ranssomething more and she can't have both yeah inthe and she ended up suddenlylosing goth and you know Ua. I was thinking Aout, the ending, as you weretalking, and I think I may have to take back what I said: Arlier on Bout, thefilm not focussing enough alining, because that I think back about it. Thefinal revelation, let's say, is probably way more efficient because wehaven't seen ithat much where we have this doubt. Let's say when tuff tellsreset e may have saw someone in Majese. We didn't really know what happened ifChen Yower seing another woman or not, and now with the final scene.Everything just is revealed in a very brutal way. Tbut they made veryefficient because then Ni was absent through the film. So we could have thatwis they well. You know, maybe it's not what we think, and maybe things wouldturn out good, but in the end we see that it is real and sudly t's, it's ailpur over for them. I think she wi the best of both ords. I have offoces and Ithink when she talked about Rami meeting over woman, for example, Idon't think she had an expectation that he actually would because he'sprofading the filmness someone who doesn't particularly like going out anddoing things, so I think her kind of ideas back fired on her and she's theone that ends up in hoppy, where Hi's remy, who seems unhappy at the start,sims actually to be happy by the end of the film in the final scene, readyfinely look alive. He those black bags...

...under his eyes, are gone. It looks likea much healthy r person, both phystically and psychologically yeah.That's true, I think tha outlines Hai in the INSENS relationship, wasn't veryhealthy for him either, and it's quite interesting because in a way, theyreTheye, quite the opposite, in that, when Romy finds out that he wants to bewith this other a woman, he tells me es pretty much right away when when heknows for somethin- and I I think that Tisin a lot to the central conflict inthe film which is commitment, which is something that she doesn't commit tojust one thing. She wants the way she wants it all which is ultimatelyuntenable, and I think this is what makes the character tragic in a waythat she's almost this nigktly creature who can'treally exist in the day andshe wants. You know life in place of constantly going out. She doesn't wantto settle down and it ultimately does work and when a way its very set for, Idefinitely fo compassion with her situation. An the end also elthing is really beautiful. The WayRover once again book and set just like in Pullin at the beach the film stareand ends in exactly the same way, and this is something that ties I at all ofthe privious films in the cycle, which is that every single field esentiallystart and ends at the same point, therbea desive slightly reaches this.It is more or less a Ligne. toolitry fills all match up. In this case. It'sa pan towards whois is homit remi and in the end, Apan of whois walking away,and there are so many pinytorches. They haven't even touched upon her, such asthis being the first of thes cycle, thats, actually completely segment intochapters each by the month, an take place in- and one final note, because we talk aboutthis in the previous poutcast as well with trains. When I saw this hol e riginning, I wasso happy to see the return of trains e EU Willand by the fact that we see arain drive by in the distance as to shot Hans in toward her home nd. Thisis something we saw in the very first film, with Ourlev, always walking fromgrain station at trainsation and never getting on its rain and then again in agood marriage where the guarden is always on the train. Have you neverseen her go on or off, and here we just see the Fran Pas her by in a way, it'squite interesting. I have just two last things to to say. T first thing I thinkI it's interesting to see that the woman only end up with atthe end of thefilm is a woman. He actually met at a party that Louiz wanted to go to and hedidn't Tantit to. So I think it's it's interesting to see that in a way, Sheis.The reason why Yo ener with her and the second thing I to mention issomethingthat Tobias said earlier on et when ye talked t bout mysticisms at the end ofthe film theyate discussion about the full moon and to people are influencedby it, because this is something that clomes back later on in m the next film.We will talk about the green ray Y, a ars. Quite similar to seen in the GreenRay, that is a very nice observation and maybe maybe one quick thing faith.She doesn't have faith in one thing: maybe she has faith in it all. You knowthe universe alining in her favor or whatever, but sh she doesn't commit todo anything really. She she wants to have it all at once and that's why itcrumbles and both of Tol Fido statements are somewhere really good,set off of the Gren Ray, because in it our ledal seme doesn't even really knowwhat she wants. INPACT. The green rat is absolutelyunique in e Communis, a probram cycle, but as each of the oder fields tractrelationships between men and women, the Greenway folse relationship of onewoman to herself a pholowophene who, in the very first seeme, gets a call froma friend telling her. She can't join her for theplavocation, and with thisshe has a Glemma. What dil she actually do. whowill she actually go on vacationwith what Woul Youl do with her somber every ouction from family to friends,CAS EM lest appealing she just can't stay in parish and she longs forsomething else, but she's neasy in the stuburbs she's uneasy at the beaches,Tisioun Eas, even in the mountains in some Waes, the complete opposite ofLuise. Who really wants to have it all N Bein harrassed CAS WE TIS wont to getaway from Parisbot in the way it seems... she just wants to get away fromhersells, but most of all, this film Cam be seen as an antencist to the nhirtheories and perhaps first and foremost pouline at the beach being the secondvactation film in the series, if you do look at at contrast, twopulling at the beach which in some ways almost feels pervers still to tensexualized, an ewit in particular feeling almost rotesting bed tornalways being at the forfron. The Green Ray is, in contrast, so natralistic solight. The PHENIS never sexualized at all, unlike Maran in Linthe beach andeven scenes of nudity not feel sexualized at all. It simply feelsnormal and there's a shockingle IMPRESSD reason for this. Every line inthe Green Rais actually improvised onthisand there is the PLOPprogressional sat even more impressive rumor was experiencing with just howsmall he c a make his crom cutting it down to, I believe, about five people.Andcit me, the small Chaacer oftixty, milmete film, and everything trippedcompletely bare. We follo the scene from day today today and the proer is.Ah, the time comes with the hard falt in MoD, and it, alas, is an absolute favoritefor so many of us, so I can take it on to the person loveit the most of all tobe us, its like corections, its actually askeleton crew of only free people, so that means aromer, whos e metrographerand then a sound recordist and I guess also a sound designer. So it's like itsho at a bar minimum and is shod, as Ye said completely improvised much as thescript figured out intentem with a Marilveri who plays the lead, whos acreditod, a Eriter here, which is a in a Lert of asiss, an incredibly uniqueapproach for rumor, because he never did anything like this before and byall. He CCOUNTS. He was quite nervous before shooting it because it was so improvised, but onthe other hand, he also felt quite free with a structure because he had such asmall crew, which allowed him a lot of freedom and, of course, any expensesthat they had again would be quite small and it allowed for a lot ofpossibilities. I think we're so remarkable hat his fom in theend isactually that it's shut almost like a vacation direct okay. So I have a oer repetition onhere for disliking a lot of caracters in the series. But when it comes toDafin, I really loved her in this Nilm. For me, she was the most real characterso by his pin you boys seen four films. Most of the corecters are sayingexactly what they want: they're, making crazy decisions. You know, N thelationships were unhappy and thenDauphine for me in this film was the only one who wasn't really articulateand exactly what she wanted, and you know she was very unhappy, but sheseemed te most genuine. I think there was a kind of documentary feel to aswell, perhaps because it was improvised and but yeah. She certainly seemed tome Wik the opposite of many of the other charracters in the series, andthis ended up being definitely my favorite firm in the series Y H. Iagree with you a them. I think the fact that the COM was improvised helped alot to add to the real nestlee of the dialogues and the way we feel aboutDelfina. Overall, it's my favorite film of the series as well think it's verydifferent film from otherest as be said before. It's probably the first Tam ofthe series where the mane character doesn't have one love interest. Shedoesn't know what she wants. As we said, she tries to go to places to the beachto mountains to stay in Paris during the summer, but she feels like she'snot feeling good, where, wherever she's going she's looking for something, wecan tell that she was. She needs something something's not going rightin her life, but she doesn't know what it is, and it seems that it', no matterwhere she goes and no matter who she talks to. She doesn't feel like shebelong where she is, and for this reason I think she is a very touchingcharacter and character that we feel a lot of well artist. I felt a notsympathy before it's a very different Charecter, Crom therest of the series,the more sympatetic characteries it's it's redocharacter that feels very sadand h, lost and Wik is not the correct word, but shefeels unsecure about everything compared to all the other. charators Wiseems to want something: They know what they want and they need to get it nomatter. What and for this reason, yeah,...

I think she is poarism Mos, mostinteresting character of the entire series. I also think there's anabsolutely beautiful, interesting contrast with he way she feels and asthe way the film is shot, but the first thing I noticed there was just light. Ijust so much line absolutely everywhere. Maybe e her sitting and Reading LightCom inies on the train, liht comes in and Altot was a really interestingcontrast to the abiandis wife. wherevr Marireviere also played the cold leadbecause thefiin e sention lives the exact same life as I am look as thesame job a office related. She has the same actress as a friend and Esentially has the same kindy apartment, but where aunt's apartment wascompletely dark in Fata from the world, totines is always filled with so muchlight and Solter Ist, almost always out the window or e light coming in. It isalso really feels like a purposefl conqrast beon turn alive. An insice isclearly almost creaming, or at least experiencing crimbling and rest andloneliness, but all around there there's light islight everywhere I jostmake it feel towing, predivly, powerful yeah. I Agree Chris, I think, there's alot to be said about th e motography, simply because elthasid is so much withher point of view. She gets so much freedom in the film and the caterconstantly follows her, even in a state of complete idleness. Looking at her bygiving her agency in the film, I think we come to sympathize so much with her a this. An interesting point regardingthis me motography, because remer he wanted to work with him and Tiy femalecrew here and finding a female som, trographe proofd quite hard, so in theNT set for a twenty three year olds, so moteographer, who had never shot afuture phom before sufimantinor and shed an absolutely remarkable job byall accounts, often with ver, simple compositions, but which are incrediblyeffective and then like this, a scene in the film which is Darpin walkingaround idly and the fields and she ends up at a fence. She looks out across theH and she looks at the wind going through the leaves in the trees throughthe vegetation, and then she begins to cry. It's almost rothmical in the wayit's cut and shot. It's competely remarkable houses. Film captures naturead and catches those situations with a lot of quick cut, aways and often veryinteresting observation that the camera picks up. I think its also reallyinteresting that there was only one scripted quatuquote seeing version wasupposed to cry all of the alter scenes: Wor seprises, improvised her living hercharacter and bringing all his tenderness to it, and it just growe soincredibly. Well the fact that Thiso, the dialogs were inprovise, also addedto the feeling that this film is very different, not only from the otherpremote series, but also from homers fimographies in general, because heloved writing, diavogues and adving very precise ideas of what Imotedesicters say. So it's extremely strange, let's say to see that edecided on this one tup completely turn the table and do something comgetydifferent yeah. It's quite interesting. I was reading something from aninterview where Vomer Mentione, the green way was originally going to makean intermedery between the comedies and Pubo series. He says like something Iregret a bit known is puing Itan, as parof e Suriage, I'm not sure inteacted,why he regrets it, but I it was an interesten in thing, because the filmdoes feel a bit different from the rest of the seres to me, but he was alwaysconsidering poting. It didn't infect the oder improvise faime with it later.He also considered ton in the early working station, decided against it thereasn why she rewetes actually because he had said later t this oale been theperfect summer for his fourseason series and he kept saying that he couldnever make a better summer and in fact, alturte title oftice Maagis off used itsomewhere, making it really confusing and obviously Alte rovers sommertalfrom befor seasons. He also said that he wanted to finish the Sereasin I'mmore optimistic way, and I think that certainly something he achieved of thelast two films and the last to funds are actually tun their favorites and Ithink it stelponism in them that makes them quite different from the otherform. Another thing that is very unique inthis film is that Ruma explicitly uses vendersthe elements in this form, withdaufin randomly finding playing cats on the ground, which of course, could potentially be it's not likefinding an Elepan, the open street or a...

Goblin or whatever. But it is quitestrange and it is magical what's happening to her. She finds itparticularly. She finds the first one in the place. That's may beunderstandable, but then later on, she finds it a very strange place and she'salso hanted or she's. She feels chased by the color green and then, of course,the title is an allusion to a Jevan novel, which is another thing I like somuch about the film that H, Anonemon of the green race explained to us by agroup of old people who caffeine ranonle passes by and this idea of thisnovel, and this idea of this Aphinominomn of the Green Ray isimplanted in our minds, and maybe we should go into what the Green Ray is.Actually it's a physical f Phanonymum, then the sunsets down, I mean it's justbelow the horizon and you have an extremely flat rise and usually it'sonly possible oversea or desert that you see a green ray instead of normal,yellow orange as the sun, just as he last pray of the son. That's a verylast one when the light is broken in this exceptional Fahur yeah. I just Wieto say it thing, magical perfectly sums up the whole film, and this is actllyWli. Probably many of US Havis ar fam film indissurance, the everyone wit meessentially, but ISMY ectin favorite of the serioset, my own time, favoritefilm, so ieveryone with the correct opinion as it as Soonom the series, anIncrese ovousy, he's a good host B he's incorrect. This time inportunarly, youused to agree with me about Da with his life. But you know what can you do yeah?I changed. That's like my second favorite Ni, but I changed my opinion.After this one sorrymess ORT A B Te resis why it is so fantastic and whyit's so different is the theisis. One relatively same is robical where hetried to sor Philmercans into architects and painters. They callhimself an orchitet someone who use space around him very specifically andinvolt to do something else, wit hair. It really feels against the painter Lon,all of these jus delightful, delicious frams, all routefields, includingespecially the scenes insides oinepartment whice, you might just beleaning back reading a boot and it just so beautiful the way he played with thelight wher it playd with the color that I don't think I've ever seen.Arobervill do this before I think th. The sixmeter might even addto that thing that I particularly admire about the films causacrews somall they were able to just go out and shoot on a crowded public beach and youget scenes which are quite unique, caus hat something that makes this firm, solively. Well, we know ow Oma widn't, like publicity, and now he was privateabout so everything he was doing about his life and how we didn't like to berecognizing public. I don't know if the other persons on the beach, for example,they knew that fam was bout to be shot. It just seems that everything that goeson ground is part of Greal life. EAN, really think that the fact thateverybody improviding their lines, an Reyat thing, tomarirebair plaint, thismroom e- were coment on this later that, if you give an actores script, I canreally have it up and I' break it. But if you let them react, naturally, itreally really works an Anvokis, a littlit all. Actually I proversation,because nobody actually knew what we rware would do. In some case,doctors were literally pulled off the street as instant replacements in somescenes. All Rol would hell Peoplewou be get her to do this or ask her aboutthat, and it just creates such electrifying atmosphere, but adding taTi Bo. How this field is all about the theme struggling with herself andstruggling with he relationi mother people and think this impovensationalso makes it incredible. Akwer Ou giny feel and tension between her and theother characters on screen, and they can feel the awkward as the unease, assees in some of this situation, and is probably aided by the fact that the DIVRongust didn't even know what to say how to react, and it just becamesomething somuch strong or the most beautiful. Because of this. Yet Chris,I think WHAC is say, Ittisin a lot with comedy in the FIM, perhaps too, whichis very much a comedy of human interaction. When I watched it for thefirst time, I didn't find it funny at all an it just foundit, tragic hats.She was sort of unable to connect with the walthe round her, but unsubsequentviewings. I really found it a more and more funny actually, which isexcusively based an the characteris...

...sort of riffing off ofeach other and for a scene with so much.improversation is actually especially bressive that Somefo strongscenes arejust of WHR revair on her own as seeing her wolk up mountain side, fitems orseeing her just walkers, it alone, they're, just so powerful and seeingthis film is just shocking and surprising and sad that het neverbecame a great French ACTRESSI mages ESA. She only has major starting rulesin Rollervans, O lucklyis in decent few others, and while Thi film is in somany way, sad and somber, because they feel Witlevin as a character. I I thinkthey also nee relee, to stress on the talk about earlier that this is reallythe perfect summerfilm. I tos scenes on the beach the light used. The way itshot like is really imbulise tumber and their ars elements of happiness theretoo, and like this film, as e Sortil, is calling to mamind o such an extentthat you know if I'm on the beach. This is bi. The first film that comes to mymind. It doesnat Surch, a grain impact as a summervill, so don'I in any wayput of by harm, sombre and sat. It might sound. I think perhaps the mostinviling film about vacations really because it takes us right into centraldilemma, which is very moden on what to do with my entire vocation, and it's also this interesting thatthis field, just like Fominparis, was actually statemented and in this casebeautiful e had wrong cards for every single day as the story progresses, andit just move so smooth, and it feels so nice a as too much earlier as hi summerlog in e way this diry of summer. But it thus lead us to te conclusion andspoiler section spoil e warning ws mentioned in the beginning. There isno actual relationshipair, not Dophinas, actually been with anyone for two yearsand ports or Ester getting over tislove in some way, but dats not reallypresent there. The foldes of the storys ipin her seeming, he anable to loveherself teebigenable to be comfortable anywhere, and this start to slightly change whatshe hears the story about you, vern novel and the Green Ray and what it can do. It is a really interesting seeing thatit is the only seen really where the camera leaves, sir. It just focused ona group of people talking about the boat and parting, about the phenomenonand stays with them before we again see her as he is absorted all in a way itstarht a feeling of o of a magical belief, and this is Mei a litte atinteresting, because she goes tro train station ASD. You talk about previouslytrains or a Massiv part of this series, offor the first time e se t inside ofnatural vanstation, as she sits and waits for a train, and she needs a manin Olters as her Bok Aronici is reading the idiot. This was completely bychance, therolmers, that it couldn't have been more perfect, theystrike up a conversation andsomehow they come to conclusion or Actshe inmierself to come with this manand they siitis for a few hours they can talk. Is it outside a restaurant inHawk the bond in many ways it reflects the previous films in that it is infact the imposing force in the way revealing itself mstdoes see in talkingabout herself and opening up in so many ways, as opposed to all of the otherclimaxess throughoul. The series it's not the end, it's a beginning,especially as they go up to the top FA hill, sit down the bench watch the seaand actually see the green ray and thoe sem cries and the film ends very open, ended Ha. It actualy come antime for Hart to fall in love. It's beautiful, it's simple, looks at fate,it Lok Aher as a person, and it gives the hope that, maybe maybe, if you justare able to love yourself, love can actually be possible. It is a beautiful ending and somethingthat I've noticed the last time as watching as that, Rama almost makes use suspense Abou. The sunset, which I...

...think again is very funny. It's just aperfect ending real yeah. I think the Endingsin is my favorite moment in theentire series, and I kind of felt like it was of a word tordelphine. You knowshe kind of suffered throughout the film. She seemed tomost genuine, and Isaw it was a Kindo word for her fheras upercarracters, most of derocrarctersdidn't end up with a happy ending, but she got one. I can't think of Neve lato describe it. I just far as amazing and yeah. I agree with all of you: Theending, a really beautiful scene, actually, someone else adto film, theGreen Radan. From what I read on Wickipedia, I took him about sevenmonths after the film was made to finally yet a chance to fill tiogrenray phenomenon so yeah. I think it's a good thing that Thn is a goodone, and I think it's Aso important tonotice that this is also the first film where the ending is not where the filmstarted here. She ends up in a completely different place than she wasat the south of the film which completely breaks this Silcor that we had from the beginning.I think that it shows that she went along a long way, she's not where shewas at the starts e really happened to her during the film and she managed tobreak the circle and finally lad a different life. Yes, I feel like inmany of the films in the series, its filor characters, making huge demoundsfor what they're expecting to have or having this big allusion in the boat,the relationship and how happy it is when it really isn't- and I thinkdauphine was the only one who was truly being honest with herself about hersituation, and I think theending was basically like nature awarding her. I think it's also a Ni hight note thatRomer, who was a practicing Catholic thatd. He was really uncomfortable,filming or presenting his fate N, an real way to weobvisitit into it at afew points, Ras Manatadmolt, but an he loved people who believed in somethingand this filom is it totin finds this faith in the Greenway hysical wit shes sympathy for his fateand also ONS rewarddance of Wai hinging with everything that's been said. Thisis also why, if feeld like suctonantisis the entire Ticle ibrateall of the rules, all of the conventions is not directly about men.verss women, its about a wo, loving herself, itdoesn't end in the same way it started. Everything is free, everything's, openin so many ways. Murfings, I really felt a dish should have been pineorfilm, there's so many callbacks throughout and itralys everything. Itgives hope, however, being an I sist, Romer also had to make the finalsynthesis, and this is where the next film comes hen. They Wat back to all listeners who didnot want to get the greenray spoiled, but it is really important tounderstand the importance of my girlfriend's boyfriend by knowing thatthe greenray opened a door to something new and let a concluse into the cycle.Inclusion to internal contradictions, Rome has been exploring so far possible and roleplace into it is most clear andabiguous meterfor of all an new city, all the characters laborwork inside ofBran New City just built its beautiful light open with anything. This is also where my girlfriend'sboyfriend promises a new plot, a new story. This time the film opened with twowomen blauge and lay out meeting for the first time and follow as theirfriendship grow. We also do something that thehave never really seen before.Bland, our main character is a woman who, for the first time, actually seemsrelatively confident and happy Canalev. The cycle actually have these qualities. However, we quickly started. She callback after call back to the previous films, including near thirectilicationsof the relationships or the promises of the first two films, the otherboyfriend, estentially merroring, the strain and serious relationship enavidhis wife and Blaunche, seemingly falling for so much imparein. Those andstarting to pursue him with the help of Lea, just as in a good marriage. So hassomething changed or is everything...

...still the same yeah you mentioned the city Wasfonen,maybe just before we startd talking about the film, it could be veryinteresting to point out that aroma actually shote documentary about it. Inthe mid seventies, wher, traces, development and noer returns to itactuall. I guess questioning what what kind of life te pace with facilitatesin a way and the place has almost seemed extremely teuristic to me thatthis almost a thin lace of science fiction over it yeah building on what to be Asjus, sad,just like in Mavy. If his wife were in the park was basically mephathemiccharacter, if you can call it that, I think in this film the best sines werein in the background, so I rellike momers use of sating. I think you mentioned to be also theirinterest. Ong Point Only Aon when we talked about in the city andofituristic, it looks didn't treat thougt about it before you before youmentioned it. When we look at the previous filmswomel shots in areas, he shot indulde city part inremo, Yolso short in a small village. All all of these different places areold places, treally haven'tchanged for a long time. So it's interesting to seethat the last film of the series takes us to the future in a way, a future ofarchitecture while still keeping a very important place for nature. I think there's a great point. In fact,what you Ma me think now is that, because the place is so new, you almostfeel like the characters haven't quite figured out how to live there. I thinkthat's completely right and it's also really interesting- that o lash lookingout of her window wand, the trees O en grown and is so bare putmen, quiteunlike the characters because there there seems to be be the MST change,Erin s how the r characters are presented, they don't Shem ass heavy,they don't seem as ubsess. They don't seem as constrained as our previouscharacters. No thing we wuld Talk Maa before, if theydont talkng about howonce again thes er character, is exactly a lot easier to like yeah again, I had ameputation for notliking characters, but in this one I liked them a lot more, and I think thefilm had a much more fun kind of field to it. It was about Fars, Toco, Buwa, afun kind of lighter atmosphere than the other films. I also wanted to mentionthat Lucy from the aviator's wife makes an appearance appearance in this filmas well, so you might not have noticed. I know Chris Watcht n didn't noisebecause she looks quite different in this one. She was in very few films O.I was Gng cool to see her pop up again. She didn't pay a particularly nicecharacter, but I was nece to see her making oper appearance. I think it'saltoaly interesting that in many way he contrast he previous character and evenplace a bint of a temilar rule in that she rebel roused us a little bit withthe LAD Pinomoder ideas in her mind, anitimate of a joker but of is in avery different way, e also touatmoer, because that's one of the main thingsthat really separates this from all of the five previous fields: atmosphere,exactly ganinly light just like in Winray, there's so much light hereeverywhere, but it's not contrasted with internal screaming. It'scontrasted with this lighter Mor horcicl, comeny mages such aninteresting cage of pace. What really starts Evelt here after sothe initial setup, is that we have consolation of two sets of partners,atlaunch and Ixandra, who are Awas in a manited mats, Kan of relationship whereone is after the other, but Alexadar doesn't know anything about it and aikind of contrive, insome fashion again and then theres, lea an I's his namehere. I think it is where, in a wit, a normal relationship and then, after awhile I lanche pursuing Alexanda, nothing quite happened. She lory getsintroduced to Pierre and Laasor of starts to say that she's slowly fallingout of Fashiong with him. She has O stricto the holiday theyw sh. Sheconstantly fats with him about where to go, and then she doesn't want to gowith him at all and then thes suddenly an opening where blounch and prs ote tohave some chemistry, I kind of felt like the counters matured as e seeswent on and in the last two films they were a lot more mature and easier tolike. I also found it quite refreshing inthis. An the people they were interested in this form seemed a lotmore suited to them, whereas in some of the previous films they didn't sensorit at all. So I thought it was a nice conclusion to the series I think wasontring to see all of these different... backs to the Preesvensmenh. Inthese characters I mean in a way they are encompasses at EA. Three of theprevious lead characters: a relationship almost poon fromteamiter's wife in that andte fo, seen to see him coming after her him triegto get her along to a party, her complet to his interest, an see thistrain relationship. At the same time, she talks about this great love to Watwishions for hitself and how she can get it speaking almost as a child.Wanting all of these castles in Spain Bring Rover to Sabine, and then youalso have this sense of her resembling Mois that she also wants it all. Shewant to have absolute everything at the same time, while Lond feels like a lotmore of a new character, perhaps even a more mature poleen or Lucy, but then,as Filand Progressus, receive her far more emotionally and secure Ise, herremind herself a lot more about Saofin, just looking for love and thenobviously a little bit more Sabiin as well as he starched thi strange chaseafter Alexandra, and I think this is a really fun place to also say theproverb, though we woil what that means later. But the PROER is my friends,friends ar my friends and this probably starge to explain a little bit of theenamics n anmore fundanatics of these four characters as the INTERNEX SPOILA warning. Obviously, the PROWORB here isextremely playful in that launge, slowly startd to fall for Pierre andthat Bloud therwere feelings for Fabian and they a started litebout feelingsfor Alexandra and these relationships. They start to switch an inte tangle. Ittoes in such a playful way, which is very strange for Romor, in that itdoesn't Terey, seem to be any direct judgment there. Yeah. Certainly that's essentially Ouhave a woman's best friend and her her partner, both cheating on her and theend. Everything turns out fine and they laugh about it, which is very unusualfor Romer, though I think maybe there's Amore Sininterit, which weill talk boutin the end. I think something that a really avesus e fogus on this isunderstanding that aboth Alia and Alexandra, and Bongh and Fabian aspartners Sey quite different thei embodyd, perhaps different kinds ofcharacters that we have already seen orgy system s minarity, where Alia andAlexandra a more edonistic more in the moment, and this even this funny SaerAlexandr talks something about not going out with any other women for sixweeks ears e six month I don Ita, remember but ro a long time, especiallyfor him. Then the intajust takes I down to a couple of days, whereas a blanch,an Fabiana, both more constant, they want something lasting which is alsopart of what they band over this similar approach to life. It's thescene in the woochpitches, in my opinion, on Os the best scenes a ramerever made, because it's simply such a romantic scene, where you really feelthat these two characters are enough because they certainly have thisamazing chemistry wher. You really feel what they and over and ti sceneryaround them just supports it, because they're lush and green and summary andeverything sort of comes together around this moment and thet. Of course,this Affewo as his question. Is it a wrong or it is all right. Tut Words Endof the film BLUNC says. Irealized that what I loved wasn't a person by an image, and that's oneotinrecorts in the film when I was watching Ilik to think wasif, on the, if on o the other carracters and the oher films Coul bewaised up. I also wanted to say t not reall,adding much in the discussion, but fabrian would be my favorite malcorrect doingesories, and I think they were a really nice couple, Um, incontrast to some of the ver dysfunctional voilationships, we saw inthe oter films as well. I think the C I just mentioned coming in the FANALfilmnificant, because I'm kind of focussing on the idea that t eCaracters am matured from at this ers and te been. You know, got happiness inthis film. The carrcters get happiness, a EA nealizations that they evercaveisom point in the HAF, it all Ai Bot on heonimaniolators kind, to crack theempire series in that each of the other films Noboin Ginway, which was of themstrong with feeling for herself allfthe...

...characters alonging for some of W, justnot that interested in them and in this film lorce realizes that she was nevereven Cristian Knolexandra, there's nothing there, and this also starts pisover to the end of the filmer. All four of these characters manages dematrof itsomeone who does fit them just as to be assessed. These are Obvisi to preev wit,matches that werd made for each other, and they actually found. Someone inmany ways are perfect for them yeah. It relates very interestingly toa famous work by Grouto that Roma probably knows elective affinities,where he rote novel, essentially based on the concept of Lafe and humanrelations. As Chemical Interactions were two couples, meat and then theysmall partners based on a partner simply fitting better than their curinpartner and th, is in eway als. We see this an element of east to it, and thisis very strange for Romat, like what is his opinion on this tird of his firmsis more of Catholic moderlistic, ens n. You know what about the institution ofmarriage and so atso very interesting that Remer, who seems to be obsessedwith marriage? Almost he would have the opportunity to to make such e firmabout married people, but she didn't no one S in this files married and thisthis sort of a weird free spiriniss about it. I think it hit on something reallyimportant ere to be asknito. Take US onto the final scene of the film aswell, which, in all the previous films, including the Green Ray, has been thisconfrontation. There's always inthe final act is a com frontation betweenthe counterpoles they clash. There is a scene in a closed room. Obviouslysomething happened in the Queen Ray with openness and acceptance andability to build something new, which means at here at the end, thet,actually Artane counterpolse. The situation has actually been resoled.The contradiction has been resolved. T E two mismach couples has earrangedthemselves perfectly, and this contradiction just Os Napetistad weessentially just get afarce bi, get a confusion where LEA feels guilty forbeing with Alexandra who retains plartes Lodwit, while blaunch isobviously really destroyed about having gone behind Laas backin sleeping withher boyfriend. They meet up and they have this just confuse estuation, wherewond believes an talk about other's boyfriend and it as resoltes a Jo, anrealize. That's not the case. Everything resolves happily in allthese wore characters just sit down at a table. They talk. They smile in areport as friends and in a way is not jas resolution to the enpire series.Bou can even call Ta contradiction, Apalm the moral pals as well, becauseall of the moral comventions are broken they sheated and they were happier forit wellgiven the personalities of some ofthem espespecially Alexander, I'm not sure their relationship will last thatlong, but at lest, at the end of the film they seemed to be happy with eachother. I thing I noticed about te ending on proviously intentional wasthe Coler of th shirts that they were wearing blanche and Adicana are wearinga green while lea and Favna are wearing your gluchers. So a it was a nice touchand actually, when I saw that I went back through the film and took a pieceof paper and t he pen and started writing down at every point, there's acor of the short they were wearing and I spend maybe like wo Thosan and twentyfive minutes trying to find links and connection sudly. I couldn't find e newconnection, but it would have been funny. I could find any ander Ayb. Ifsomeone does that, maybe she would find something I missed, but SAI. It was anice Nice stouch to to ad and something that made me want to wewatched thefilmo bout, little details that wia maybe missed as absolutedypend atestic dinnerswithimedasemen RCLAM and is even a little bit fit thing and believaable.That Rober could have done this because one of the things he actiony did inthis series was that for each film it picked two specific colors and playingwith them, which would also used in t posters laters its justreliging. Thatthoy always kept colors in mind. Even though you couldn't find that magicalty,you were looking for yeahthe colors of there sholts tpeses.I think something you can't quite ansee...

...once you've seen it essentially what Ifeel like its going on igains. I becom, because there's so many scenes wherethe colors swet, but it always revalves around blue and green, with particulary,lar and blance, always wearing one of t, things wearing blue, the others wearinggreen, and I think the obvious analogy to this drives towards s that they wottheir partners like they're close almost because th, it's very sa, I'mquite sure, they're actually wearing the opposites color that they end Ugwith and that this Paris acolormadge in this way, which is um somewhat of thsinister comment. It almost feels like a Roma sort of Ansoho in this happyfantasy. At the end, like you can certainly discuss what perspective winsout, which I think is really really open and or ouly more towards sayingit's somewhat of a happy ining, but he he sort of points in the dirrectionsthat maybe this vanity, they change their partners. Lekxet close Te, great observation as Halto, be us,because tits really tightin to how roler always makes his film, eventhough he has these central contradictions, he always loves to playwith minor contradictions of every single interpretation. You might havefo the fact that he always add tomte idea to this happy. Ending thisbeautiful, spirital anding has a fakueness to Whithm, would nessarilywork adict, that's also a perfect interpretation and something thatsquite wer. Considering this a really interesting, the ECADOMY that Rumaplaye with in the ends them swepping partners, because and then, of course,the implications that alsos came about by cheating and by being quite quiteeasy, going about what happene, which is, as we previously said,already quite a counteppoint, what he previously detailed in his fonds wereheportrayed se to behaviour, much more amoral and he's much more open sort ofwhat exactly the volues are, that we should attribute to it, because I Ithink ultimately at least blanch and Fabian come out of it quite well,they're not portray particularly negatively at all, and they do seemlike a very good match. So there's, perhaps not so much that ultimatelyspeaks against it. Yes, it's it's interesting that RM counterbellence isthis lights and easy going rumcomb atmosphere, his maybe th the lisestfilm he made up to that pint ever and then he counterbalances. This. was thissinister sarcastic metapher by switching Pars like close imitation oflife or something th? They were hollow mnoalistically weren't! Really theywere hollows humans, express myself really, but I think it'squite clear what I mean sout are really interesting,comernation to talk Aout, Orsuon onpaent, beginning, which is just abouthis new, really artificial. Any fifties: ther are geven more pounter point inrafting. Here, I think, are fascinating that as to love between Fabiann, ablanch growls like a lot O feily boundrout in Natres Oer in bright,beautiful light, an it us never sea or feel Orover judgethen. In fact, itslaunch was really serious about this and feels horrible about the train, layand brings all this groulty into it. An is only really Ron, lea again breaks up,and then he sees heis free, as it really goes for it before that wasdeaving, so terrible about everything she had done, but in that way too isalso is coming. Overong Arouday, which F. It is the interesting countaway tothe moral tales in that by or calling her roud and famit layer she fet reallyuncomfortable being I Eiondra, because it felt Tlat. He was etraying blarcethat by recalling their own moral tavigh, perhaps was Qin Lih andfrivolous not really based on the best outcome from any of them. They got ahappy ending in a way. It seems like the economyalmost between nature and society, where the societal opligations is. Whatneeds them to consider O is cheating, but really with the interaction betweenBlanche and Frabon. It all seems quite honest and they they don't play thosesocietaly induced love, games of, say, polinaty beach. They actually seemed tocompletely honesty, F in Lovt with is other, and maybe that is ultimately whya Rema lets thim off the hook so easily, because es's immense aderation fornature- and perhaps he season this relationship between Blanche andPhabian, something quite natural playing out and something honest wherethey end up going all in which I think is a qualilty. He admired in thosecharacters before also as I've been talking about trains resolted. Thesereal important also odd that we do see the characters in train station thereand in a different wayoeans. They...

...actually see them go into tradestations as they are taking a train ti, go out, O train stations as they are,leaving the Dra Terec to see them, leave the train themselves or all thetrain. So we can speak lot. Abo train a mentralities entire se is obvious todos different in every single film. Even in Polina, the beach retrain isnever shown. Marion takes a train off screen, so it is just really to get thesecharacters O get. You have be ending or actually the people we see go intotrain stations and leave Trad stations completing their journey. I think it'salso interesting to notice that just like in the green ray the Circulatalso broken, and the characters do not end up where they were at the beginningof the film and to some of the entire Cincl as well, because we really didsee a complete dilecting care where we start off with a man obsessed with awoman than for a woman obsessed with a man. We saw a young girl observing the Lodiens ofthe adult andcommin Pace e face with aldest man, essentially emboldeing, allof male perversion and themis Al to get contradictions to the Bove wherer. Notyou can run away and have everything at once, before wit thet, so the completeantitesis in the green way, with a theme coming to love herself and Finaly,as at a pointe out earlier in my girlfriend's boyfriend. The charactersrealizing that whatwer actually loving, was an image resolving all of this andactually ending up finding Lon and in such a way. Even though there' so manycontradictions throughout each film resentialsee Rome result ofcontradiction of low and to show that to find that you have to love yourself,not chase aser images, and at that point you can actually open reselve upto finding someone Ogann. He love and be with n how unitely contemporar setting SIand how he circles around this large souse of characters with all thesedifferent problems that are really perhaps n noweighs quite similar andthe fins affer a reflection of all of these characters and their peoccupationwith other things. It also expors, especially in this last firm motrn idea of what is Romantical loveWeriss exist in the modern world and of course it constantly seems to ask thisquestion: Do I have the right partner again, especially in the last fom, andalso perhaps it's Askd, the question, or it portrays rather all the selfdeception that isinvolved in this quest Ov. I think it also really interestingthat roould didn't actually know if this wasdefineol film or not. We would have got more from this series, but I think that the experience ofmaking queed ray really made wrongan interest in in going other places and tat the only reasonings always made my Gosen Bortwas, because this was the onefilm he, interestingly enough, knew he wanted to play in the series from thebeginning, like many of the early files oe Scripa I long ago, which I supposemeans that he also saved at knowing that it would fit so perfectly here,but if he had made more, what can we actually have seen? How would the storyhave a wold? Maybe just as you said, that he definitely wants to make hisquite funny to know that my gorlfriend's biyfriend actually endedup being together with Tomon Inparis, it's a most successful film and thecyclind. It's easy to see wiomly because of such an accessible andromantic form. I think another thing that goes very much through the Sintesyers. I is interest in urban planning and not in lives h places where theylive. They seem to emit some. The sounds harsh, but almost some sense ofread t there seems to be some kind of flightsome kind of escape to simplerway of life. Just to conclude, yeah, it's interesting to know that omadokknew this film would be the last from the CYCR and the Atins, an interestingexercise to take the other films of his fhemography to see if they could fit inthis cycle, where the wood and, if the did the proverb woman would have comeup with, because omais films are were always very soner while being verydifferent promonalum, which is part of his genius so yeah it could have beeninteresting to see or what Gen of Athe...

Famil could have made, and you wouldhave been great to discuse. I'm here yeah I just want to sa Mo gladay havethe part cast and that that made me mewatch the films and ND. I think I gota different appreciation. I'm watching them the second time and from hearingeveryone else's ining onto films actually makes me an o watch them again.Having heard all the observations, also thanks, adantecress ter hostingthis and all the edithing that he's done and looking forr to coming back onin a couple of weeks, Mi smarks will be on as well to talk about son, optheforum, so tranksguise has been absolutely wonderful to go,tor this films and to disgustenitting up his potcast and to see all of thesehin details, the most interesting of which seing these trains, which amalmost ofistd about now, is seeing how we use trins different in each ineveryfilm and as to cose. This offerthing that if he ever had made a final film,what would have been interesting Walbe to see someone go into a train stationand te Tak git go on the train, take that train dearly and get off and EfineDetination Heer Been Olte way to really book in all of this, but all at a side.I think my girlfriend's boyfriend is an incerendible finale and on of H,interting years t a Yo all por out how light it was and how it becamesearching it on its own. And if you simpl e this fil, it wouldprobably feel like a very light, fair rover, but because it is the final fielin this series an because is a resolution to everything we have seenit just becomes so sober more powerful. So if y were listening to this and Youehaven't seen the films or haven't seen them in a while of Tis like to sayplease watem in chronological order and see how they play with each other,because that way you truly get so much more out of them. Cant You vorlistening and Doin. Again soon you have been listening to talkingInmachen the FICIAL HATCAT ICM FOR DOT COM.

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