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Episode 9 · 1 year ago

Contemporary Silent Cinema


In this episode we will talk through all of the major contemporary silent films, or rather, the few there are:

  • Silent Movie
  • Juha
  • The Call of Cthulhu
  • Brand Upon the Brain
  • Dr Plonk 
  • La Antena
  • The Artist
  • Blanchieves

And ask the following questions:  

1. Are silent films simply the result of [b]unfortunate technical limitations[/b], which the medium luckily overcame - or are they a [b]unique style with its own merits[/b].

2. Why did it take such a long time from the decline of silents to any kind of larger silent film project.

3. What do we wish to see from silent cinema in the future.


Intro: 00.00

Is it valid to make silents today: 3.09

Why did it take 30-40 years for the first post-silent era silent: 4.45

Early Films With Silent Elements: 8.03

Experimental Cinema, Warhol and At Sea:10.01

Silent Movie: 13.32

Juha: 22.05

The Call of Cthulhu: 26.58

Brand Upon the Brain: 31.36

Dr Plonk: 39.38

La Antena: 50.51

The Artist: 57.07

Blanchieves: 1.03.57

Conclusion and the future of contemporary silent cinema: 1.09.55

You are listening to talking Efictionthe oficial Pos got some ICM for dtcom Ofmacrivon, I'm Chrise and the wetalking about Contemporary Silent Cinema or the little therisofit and asthe time old question our sile films simply the result of enforcnmatetechnical limitations, which the medium luckily overcame or are they even needstyle with their own merits? History certainly seems to think, as the formerthe first talke gasiner was relete, O ousanine Hundre adtenty, seven, anindustry rushed to abandon silence cinema as a concept. In many cases theywent a hard as to just burn the negatives on UAN nine hundred thirtythree years later, Silenc Zinma was essentially gone. The US, with theexception of a few stragglers and, of course, Charlis Haplin. Within threeyears, silent cinema was strolling. He bin they most still te poorly recorded.Soundfilms were implauded wone, even wat MES picture. Any sound wasessentially better than no sound. The wissurly create them dream like worldsof massers like Monau, were traded in for some stage, fair with cameras, ashe barely move. Their pen lasted longer the most thanks. Their popular livepers narrators, but they still bed their last filen in in Ninetyn, thirty,nine, and with that silence, inema was Colm for decades to be catchfulobserver. There has relly, there's been two major Silen FIMS tins, the obviousLin, the insilent movie foined Sem Awatto, comedy in Standard Melburuge'sfashion. I A loving parody of silent aesthetics, tosopping, color and andquite eronically having a plauterablerabbing Bot, the bility ofkepting funding for a silent film and T at more than thirty years later, TheyrCatin awardwinding, the artist from two thousand and eleven, which started offas a small scale. French love letter to classic silant Hollywood and ended uptaking the world with storm, and you could say that silent movie was toClassic Silent Hollwood comedies what the artist is to classic silent,Holymot dramas and ot in many ways served O as continuations wherasbookgands t they were not intended to be revivals to intended to share iswhat was and place in a Siald off box and yet run more fon. Tempora, silentfilms in this episo go through the two Peos Messionsee as well, of course, butthere's also Uha the call of Catulu brand upon the brain doctor, plunk,Manganna and ofcourse than Aneev us and will go through them in chrotologicalorder. But most of all wil ask an right and probably ols some of the wrongquestions as usual and join my two wonderful cohosts and I'll just startby asking them they beformatone question. Is there any relevance ofAlidid Making Silent Cinema today and it so wht, and we can start wait oncome here from England really looking forward to discussing contemporarysilence cinema today, ive spent most of this week, rewatching all the son filmsthat Chris mentioned in the introduction, and it's been great torevisit these with a fresh pair of eyes. I think there is a market forcontemporary silence cinema. It's a shame that there haven't been as manyfilms as I would have liked to see, but it is good that we've had quite a fewdiarectes have been willing to take a point on a area of cinema that hasperhaps been abandoned for far too long, iear, the soul from Australia. I havealso like Tom Spent the past couple of weeks going through and looking at someof these contemporary silent films again and watching Save Them for thefirst time, and it's anout form that I really ike an really actually love,like twenty silet films, thit's, really interesting to see more recent cinema,that sort of takes on that mode of having title cards and a very imageheavy focus and ill SOM. These more modern films take that mode and yet docompletely different, interesting and changing things with it, with moreadvanced editing and camerawork than was around in the nineteen twenties.I'm very interested in discussing this even further with my coos today foragreeing that IIS malitited to still making Sienc film today, why you thinkit took so long all the way until the mid sevendays before there was a propersilent film again, I think that it's a big risk for any fail maker to make asilent picture. There's the uncertainty...

...of whether the market is still there,whether the modern audience es more tune to film to sound will be put offby the prospective SILENC cinema. And perhaps this is why not many filmmakersof taking the leap to try and do something new with yeah classic mest. I agree with Tomtat that gettingunnatural support and backing to make a sign of film would have been reallychallenging. Especially if you look at the Nineteen Seventie is when silentmovie came out, I mean it was only n n, nine unded and sixty seven O nineandsixty eight that we suddenly had more than fifty percent of films in color,rather than black and white people going out there they'hre wanting to seea color films, they' wanting to see wide screen films and I think, havingthe Umarket to se. Asilit film is really tricky and ven looking to thefinancials OL silent movie, but I know at the time Melbrooks was wriding onthe success of blazing Saddles Young Frankenstein and of course he did youngFragenstein in a canwide which I'd have helped getem a bit more success. Theyaned this black and white movie and it got osconominations. Maybe you couldFinancewin to do a silent film. I think yes, since that, even though we've hadphil maker since the Nineteen nd seventies do silent films like theartist was neer designed to win ocars condirectors like Rofto. Her did doctorplunk a very big time for AK, so I still don't think they're going to beseeing studio, films, doing it car the guarantee and there's the market outthere for it. Obviously, it was reall interesting that Malbrook's manage toget the AR financing to do it in the nineteen seventies it its interestingthat, even wit, say t European art market and all f the grazness going onin the parket our stidogil that nobody really tried to make silent fiilms,because when you hear interviuced with a lot of directors, they would all talkabout how manour or lying inspire them, but still nobody really wants to pry itmost of the film makers locking to break ground where the films that theymake and therefore they're, looking to the future and new techniques, ratherthan looking to the past to to build em what came before them. It's veryinteresting, Chris, how you mentioned Fritz Long Because of course, you'vegot God. ARD's contempt and in their Fitzlang has a cameo playing himself.Somebody comes up to him and says: Oh, you know really like this west andithing. It was ratrnotorious and Fritz slangers like or I prefer, M, eventhough they're taking him as an influence, still not making films thatare in the style or the ones that influence them when theyre getting intocinema themselves, really good point actually that e whole never alwaysgrying to do something new instead of playing around with all e Tenee, whichis almost a little strange, and it was retil Madan starting to Max thingstogether that we got there. But let's Ot get two ahead of ars out there.There were, of course, a few films, even if you relativey major fields thathad some sient elements. I thinking, of course, about Tom Jons, N thousand ninehtndred and sixty three oscarminor prominent dister winner, which has theopening scene thought as silent and then just two years later, one of thesemore creative French Arkes, the were talking about Piertiss Astuhe did afilm that was half asilent Yolo, which is just fantastic, especially the firsthalf it as stylish flever beautiful as the artist its I beautiful, homer styleto all the great from Maxlinde Tosoni, Shaplin Etcetera, that I almost felt sosad at t half may point when the Il title card comes up and said and thencame Soun. I agree that Yogo as a fantastic film, it's very beautiful,it's very rauciously filmed and black and wite, and even when the soum heartcomes up, I was still very enamored with it the whole time. Another film Ithougt I'd, mention it's much more recent but of course Padra amadoves toher as a silet film in there Orsi film within the film, which is in a realsilent film and, of course nothing like that. Whatever pass the senses, I don'tthink even the pre cold days. Das Yo have this man going into his lovers forGona when he shrinks down to the size of an Antropin ad. It's justinteresting how silent cinema makes its way into other films today. That's sucha creat example as well, because I I think that silent scene, a TAT dreaminside of talked to her, was the first time I was exposed to a modern day,silent andprobably, the first time I also talked whow. They could really dothis today and do something they could do before...

...back to the history leading up to sonether were, of course, films ever shop without sound, but I don't think wewould be talking about these films because they were not in any way tryingto continue silent in myestectic. If you will dever building on this at all,they were simply various fose by eperimental films that happen to nothave sound an taking, of course, of Sa a large shrunk of an the woral films,Butin Avetis andpirate and Ra Lextan rackish Botarmen, and don't think theseare fieldsmen really tink about O. I tay from temporary Sindfild, thinyou're, actually quite lucky. If those wallor films don't have soundef them,because the sound and mine some cowboys a least, is absutely, shocking andshocking for a reason, it sort of makes me yearn for watch inmy next walhe film to be a film without any Soundin it at all, although ofcourse ar some of these experimental fends that do kind of Toi Line betweenbuilding on silent cinema and simply being a fill without sound, a spore alittle bit about this before the Cobcastle, but at s from two thousandand seven by Peter Hutton, which is Dessente as a collection of reallybeautiful wishals, but with no sound whatsoever, and that's also aninteresting confrest to silent films themselves as they tanditional. Theywere because t o course sienfields were never intended to be silent. They werealways music accompanying them, if not from a band from a live Tan is etCetera, actually not a big fan of TSE myself. I didn't like the fact thatthere wasn't any sound in there what it really lacked, something like a dramesbenning film, where you actually have a little bit of atmosphere going on. Somesounds in the background or sort of Junorar and keepin the level withwhat's happening. twhich might be another example of a film orexperimental film that sort of goes to Sidot film dynamics be a film caled,the dead man from N ninetneed. Eighty seven, only about twenty or thirtyminutes long, it's sort of a bit of a soft cor film in away, and it has gotsome sound and it, but it's also got tir cards throughout and the wholethingis in black and wide, and it's just really interesting having thatsort of merge and there between tital cards and some dialog that spoken outLou about the same time trying to be IV beof an erotica film, also at the sametime, and I'm sure it 'll get back to that ofe, bring Upguy Maden a little bit later, a us to go very quickly back to he samfor he contined the sound movie. I have to think that worth, but I I can reallysee who I didn't it ti. You kindo have to be bought inthe right, minht set off and may even have the right. Rul rounded to weallyenjoyt in is just is no sound. You just see these images is on tos tins,tocnprobably, just relax cover itself down to and enjoy something beautiful,but hey can also, I suppose, to be very dreary and dull, depending on tormendifferent factors, and I knowfor a fact that many people are doing exactly whatthey're doing with a lot of silent fields. mistings corth day, whiches addtheir own soundlacke too, with as just pik, something they instrumental takesome classic music anything else aroled among tap, and in that way I suppote athe really relieved and silent cinema treatment. But with all of this out ofthe way, let's go back to the fields that actually oner silent cinematechniqstm, either pay former to them or bring them along. Let's discusssilent movie, and it's really interesting that out of all of thefilms will be disgusting, that this is the onty want. That's actually in color,mallbruks's silent, movieis, a great comedy. It's heavy on the slapstick andvisual comedy, which often th only way to go with silence. Cinema and thething about this is that visual comedy is timeless, so diences of all ages,generations are going to get some fun out of it. No, I did like how the thetitle cards didn't always tie in with their dialogue that was mouved by theactors, an Thas one part where you can see Maldrooks Swearin at one of hisactors, but the ater card says something completely differently in itsit's. These subtle elements. If you pay attention you pick upon, it reallybring the firm tolive. I also log how it tires in with the wirldof of cinemafilms that you know tap into a store, witellyn method, the kind of resonitswith film funds 'cause. It appeals to people who appreciate the medium. Youknow you have filmd such a Ting in the rain sinnepody, so the fall also theartist as well and when Thetaian with t e willder cinema think it resonates init in a way that film fands can really...

...appreciate. Today, I sat down, and Irewatched silent movie film. I've seen three times now over the years, andit's got to the point where I think it actually might be a brok, honest film.It's very interesting T it's almost a film about its own inception with it,with the plot being about melbrooks or Melfun, as this character's cord andthe try to find out his own side at film trying to get approvafor it tryingto recruite stars. I kno obviously a lot of the overtop things that happenedand there wouldn't have happened when they're trying to sign up James Carn ortrying to sign up pouring Hem Anto do the film, but still really like thefact that it's about the making of it and trying to get Asinat film intoproduction. The title cards hit's a very interesting Ti. Haveeng picked upon the words not matching up to tartle cards, but there's a very interesttingto technique. There's lots of very small details in silent movie, whichtheyr like also like the different stories on the newspapers that arethrown out the unnewspaper Venda Sev, but the mainstrove Ou, who 's beingrecruitd as well s a sidestroy about. What's happened to the news vendor atthe same time, quite a fer of the throwaway gags like an out of controlmachine, actually end up coming in and forming IV it a part of the plot. Ithought it was jus very interesting, just the fact that you're making a sinof film about making a sign an film that's on outts own inception, which Ireally like and which I find really interesting. I completely forgot tomention all the excellent cameos that were built into the story line. I hadno idea from the start that you know mdbox was going to use such well knownactors and has more and more keptre pearing wiave, some brilliant, send upst themselves. I was very amused in particular beer eynolds. I think he wasone of the first ones that appeared and it's just brilliant- to see these greatacters. You know taken a Lord hearted view of their own careers youyou'reright Tombert rernolds is the first one who they recruit. It is veryinteresting having those big name, stars and the' doing you know a fewsilly things and enjoying being there. OVESLEEP and Bancroft is married toMellbrooks or was married, so her involement isn't too surprisimg, butstill what she gets to do with her railing er eyes different ways. Sheacparself to be quite a funny atjust, as when you think of Ann Bancroft,usually think of the miracle workr or the graduate you don't really think ofher for comedy and even saying with poor newmen. I don't really tend tothink of him number one as a comedy at to even the Comedis Thats Bein, likethe sting usually has a very serious type of role in there. So I was reallygood to see hem and also involve in some sort of leg, accidental his legsind a cast in silent movie and Heis near this motor car of some sort, whichI think is a reference to the film winning which I haven't seen. But it'sa film which porn humand in late nine sixties. So just what you're sayingabout the ARCHORACTER spurfing or playing up on their own images, I thinkyoars a really interesting idea and a really interesting angle for the filmto take so ass. I guess the key question here is how did Sond Mabeactually word as a silent comedy? I think I think, as a silen comedy, Ithink Soi movie is absolutely hilarious and that's probably one white one of myfavorite mill brooks films ut. It does by being sel reflexive, Israely, cleverand really intelligent, but it's also extremely funny, and one of it comesdown to the acting and the three main performers and got ones like Don deloubody, filmand they're, not necessarily known for being very subtle actors, butit's actually all very stran performances, because they're nottalking everything has to be with their gestures and just a lot of things likethe way. The three of them wuld walk in Sincra together, basically, almostwalking on top of each other's feet found to be extremely funny and they are physical style of things andMigty film, in's, extremely acrabatic in Thee's doing back flips. What's froma distance, so maybe it a STAP beforeme doing that it's very physical, justlike the best of slapstickis or there's a moment in there where these studioexecutive says you know he can't make a SI. FEEN thes days slapstickes dead andthen suddenly he falls and slides out from underneath his desk El. That'sreally funny, while also being about the sont film industry and how solidcomedies have evolved. I think you've somed it up really nicer therself. Itdoes work acciently as a silent, comedy and a US sad, the three man aptisbrilliance and always just the visual gugs that are funny, but as IU Haid,the expressions and the gestures of the actirs involved, sometimes be just asfunny as the actual visual jokes themselves. When you see them react,and you see the expressions une just aut an Ectra la to the fact that it,you know, sends up the creation of Av silent movies in the past as well. Howthings are revolved? I think it's a...

...great film and it's Nirce to see thatthe fair salen film for after such a long gap was such a brilliant one. Andit's just a shame that again it took a while for over film makers to kind offollow in in Margorot's steps. He did such a brilliant job. Perhaps peopleintimidated or concerned tha anything that they created could not live up towhat hed made or show Mye. I think the guys are pretty Spoton an not as fon ofsome OIEAS Molt of O, but it really brings back the same kind of joy oflasting comedy and it really does work on that level of again, as mentioned inmy intro. It does work at bite of a book an to silent fields and sotigncomedies. It doesn't really create something that lives on its own. It islike later artist, essentially a Hoat, a memory, a this happened now itdoesn't happen anymore, and this is in a way by discalling itself. SilentMovie, it isensually does that dite movdcomedy about silent movies, summingthem all op, and that, like the also explains why they just burnet any copygats and why to suck a long time before, we've really started to see silentmovies come back in any way. No, now I think the first tonue the techniques ewas tartnly, be used ere at the beginning of GAIMADDEN's career. Now,almost all of his films tlay around with stone in the titles at the sametime, but which ithing startedd around ortangually in ninety ninety esee Thislow evolution within the titles as a gag as a comedy as part of a his dream,light style, but, of course, to Copare a long time before he made is veryfirst actual silent films. Other people had done so before, and a very firstactual silent, fail. Sansile movie was by another really well known, reallywell established. Ort Have Darling n finished erector Akicarismolty Wik UhaBet, tat, Coursmarqi decided to make you silent when he realized that AndreaWillms, who was his first choice for the villain of the piece, didn'tactually speak any finish, and I think that's a great story. If true, becauseit's you know kind of establishes the fact that people went out to makesilent films n. In fact, this one may have just ended up silence orintentionaly. Technically, it's commendable. It does a great job atimitating. Silent Cinema bought the story line in cinematography andnothing particularly remarkable, and it also lacks the usual black humor foundin his is pictures, but it is still wotwhile entry into the contemporarywirld Silente Cinema, and even if it is quiete, Obliqen and tragic Outtun,there are lots of notable shots in it. T A do suner in my mind. I somewhatdisagreed on that. It really plays Prob a tribute to classic science felmsbecause it reall just looks like aqres bokivill as without sound. There is nochange in the way he uses his black in Witeo mothography like if you look athis earlier back in my fils, like I'm not going into business or even if theon was doing around the same time, his shrewt tings exactly the same way, heis srucially humor exactly in the same way, the only mltrol backs are a fewscenes of say, high remotion, which, like the ending Wer Thek Danes, to showOu happy. They are just a few little things like that that almost comes offas a little bit silly hen Thas also f the way that firs Mo fi off work inthat they take these really sombr elements and pour them off withsomething lightly. Althe're slightly Sillier, I see where you're coming fromthere cause you'v made some good points there and it is slighly, oddand andsurreal in placan. I think that the music that Co's market uses ispartitially jarring and perhaps that doesn't chime with the SCILENCE anymebcause. That kind of places t almost in contemporary times, because it's musicthat you wouldn't have expected to hear when watching and e filmd fom say thetwenties it also kin o set that time. You don't really like you, don't reallyknow what time you might set there. I think a lot of people are guessingfifties or sixties, because obviously you have more modern cars. You havenore malther kitchens, it should even be Moderna, could be nine huned. NinetyEight! Technically, it's really hard to tell when this fill is that I was alsoquestioning theyr setting in the film...

...when I was watching it again like youlooking at the cars and the gun that was used and also noticing things likein the kitchen, what looked like it could potentially be some kind ofmicowave or something I don't know if it was, but it was on the lookout forthings to try and place it n it and establish that time and I supposeCosmarki's done a good job of kind of making it feel like you know it couldbe from a number of areas. Depending on your perspective, I tove up you. Ithink that if you love Chrismoti, you wil love this film. It is not like ifit uses the same kind of humor, it uses the same kind of vistales, and I, ifyou haven't, really been that interesting insien before it shouldstill probably work for you thou. It might not inspire you to seek out more.I would agree with that assessment Chris, taken in isolation. You know, asI said, it is a commendable piece of work. For me, it wo LD just seem to belackin in that edge to really make it stand out os when I'm viewing it inComposon to the overcontemporary, so films, Mis esprhaps, the one that Ienjoyed the least not to say I didn't enjoy it, but it just for me Lappe thekind of imagination or inventiveness that we go to discuss about theoverfilm yeah. I agree, but then again, I've never actually been a major ormoking van t is just something about his humid. That doesn't quite work forme and is ONL vinal point about the film lifocus. This type of humer uses ajust a flash back of YOU HIND AS MIS wedding and like Pars, the comedies tat,one of the guests or really disconnected tirty shakes his hand. Thehand had a pulse down and there's a wishful gag in the back, which isMelibisia. Gaga is jus. Th, pastor, smoking pisess all these little pirtythings that, as opposed to an actual Cher smoking pan will really love abillion joy, but which has never really worked for me. But I do take. Take thisOrto the next film to call of Katulu and there's a really really bigdistinction between them. Coho came out in two thousand and five six yearslater, and these defilms are almost night and day you ise e centuryJusteforismocketer, but CAUV CATULU is in every way and temiting to be island,attempting to place itself within that traditionalitetic, even going as far asto try to make yourself look older than it wasand inmatwast manages is altomaris to be really sharmy because it shares manyof the technical limitations case wont in Aebl, Dont Etel, no ABOINSII, thatis an extremey long Bush production business. Essentially a student film oran Ameteur filled by people who love the work of asbeloved craft, comingtogether to praft this film. On a? U S, Congress grant and the fact that theymanaged to fill it into the SILEN filler it is, and to managing it toblow up the way thin. At least in this Intevan community. That is reallyterribly impressive. Film oudaptations of loavecrafts fork always seem to golagin development towl. I think it was Glima Dotoro who was working on tryingto bring one of t e novels to life recently and unfortunately that failedand it's great to see to Fart that on such a small budget managed to makesuch a brilliantly creative anaptation of one of lovecrafts works the managedto build up this great n ocean of cread and suspense, and the strong use ofshadows and lighting which kind of Bax omeows work and the Germanexpressionism. For me, it does seem to Crimein- perhaps too many storylines,perhaps overambitious in disregard, but you can overlook that D. forgive itbecause it is a brilliant, brilliantly inventive piece of work and there'ssome impressive STOCP motion animation when you get towards the end of thefilm. When you see the horrors that they've created- and I was reallyimpressed with that- an aow that to bring up the German expressionism too,because in the Anotino Tay Climat, I Dono spoil anything of the film but theamount of practical effects they malishbing into this film. Mount ofpoor induesing elements in in that climax is just inredible. Just can'tbelieve they managed to won't. Do that and to manage to make it look as goodas it did that this is probably where the silent filmasthet takes worth thebest, because by shooting an black and white but tryd to make it look.autentively old, thes, not as great graphics, really manage Toshine andrird regardless. Thus, a great point... in aspers in that regard, thebudgettree limitations kind of helps the film, because they're trying to youknow hide certain things, an seem darker so as not to reveal the setbacksof the effects that they use an it makes it more mysterious more credence.You know some of the set design as well as is incredible, and it it really isimpressive for for a low budget crown, I think the SYLCA asthetics altomats soeasy to adapt something that should have been so convoluted. I mean that inso many points in hi, I theres a story within a story, a a story in the storyand it just wers so well, even even though again, certain elements arecleary, Lobert, sad, clearly a little bit Cambi, but because of the Lov Yo cput into this film. It still works, definitely, and it it just adds totheir kind of charm in and the feel of the picture. You can tell that there'sa lot of heart, that's been put into there and they've done a lot of work.An hear that t at is really quite impressive and and quite innovative,whereas still looking back to the sond films that influenced it D, I owerinheavily wot bringin their own airflater things as well, and the maintake awayfrom this is that Tohu really see the call of Catuluan just because this is afilis under fifty minutes long and it still managed to feel massive and epict.So please do see it the next one. There now is one of myold kind: favorite films, Guy Maddens brand orpon. He brain- and we mentionedearlier that mading from his entire career in some way worked in all ofthese stilent inematic Neeks, essentially hainting a dream likealternaive world wih, the strength Thad, also the sortcomingand, especially theshort coming on Hounine TNEN, nd Twentye, nineteen, thirty cinemaamending them into his own unidue expression and style, often withdialogue, narration and intertitles intermangling into comedic, absurd ofthetempesan poetry. But it we really funny really behard, really Rotiou,sometimes form of introspective comedy, and this is taken to its most tightenedextremes in Brad upon the brain and its a reason why I recalled this Guy MadensVer, first silent, despite the fact that narration is SUCC, a big part ofit and inspite the factr it so timilar to some of his earlier fed, includingAdid, just I believe, pers earlier cowvers Pantany, which was alsoessentilly a sient film, but with narration intertwined. What's thedifference? Well, the weight was so completed and performed. You see,there's not just one marrater, they feel tore not only I a full orchestra,but various narrators, including ith, a paller of Lany, crispin, glover and t eLEC. Ther Dli Valet man himself also coming to Marri ND. Whenever we wash tosell this weet, I had nine narrators incluing live sessions and it WassoFund to be able to choose between them and get ou need. Experience is angrysingle time and each of them bringing something different to the story. If Idiothin T difall, my favorite felms Ne Woeld really love to talk more about it,but I need to bring it on to my goholts Ad Lof, how Madin uses the limitationsof the aesthetics of silence and a materials advantage and bannd upon thebrail. He created this hauntingly beautiful surrel nightmare with animaginative storylind. That's very dark in places almost lynch- and you knowyou cand easily make some comparisons to to raise ae. He uses these phroneticediting techniques that are very adventurous and it moves along at abrisk pacte and t almost feels, like you'le, being brainwashed by the Birogof experiment techniques used to tell the story. I listened to it with theBuselini narrative and I was kindo curious to it would make sense withoutthe narrative I was, you know, taking accues from the title cards and I'dlove to Rewatch it and from that perspective, as well to see if it wouldwork as a scilence film much of the school in no narration, but I reallyenjoyed it. I've not seen many of madens films, but I'm very excited tosee moreafter. My First Experience Wat bround upon the rain. I haven't seenBrad upon the brain. I do love the tidof Ek and I actually love the titleof most of Maden's films, whether it be...

...the soudest music in the world, cowardBenanes a always got very creative tiles, which are really interesting andin terms of actually watching madon films. I did watch Ark Angel,fairlyearly, ontoy film, going a journey, and at that point I guess Ihaven't seen many dol black and white films and they derally do much for me.I did a few years ago sit down and watched the forbidding room and thatreally did not drive with me at all. As a bit of an up and down ride, O methere're SOM, you know credi parts and ther ar song about Daryes a lot of itjust felt really random and just like a random persorment of stuff without muchreason or logic behind it, and I guess my experience with the Forbidding Roomhas put me off exploring more of Gydman's films provesacause. I reallylike contemporary silent films. Aybe, something like Grond upon the brainwould be something good for me to try, introduce myself to Madam Bo of thefilms that heas made that I ave en see probably keyhole it sinates me the most'cause that was' going to be the least like his other films. You merely shouldbe put off. Madams ely fills because of the widden room. I really like to eroomas well, but it is really different and I's Alo. The first film I did witJonston tarted working more with digital cameras, and it dims them adifferent look. It doesn't look as great as it used to and ials like thatat totiful portmit room. This was actually not originally inpended to bea film. The way it is Madin want to create a new bitar, experimentalexperience to shot a large amount of separate clips and essentially QUATArandom number enterator, so th people could create their own films. This wast e major project two years before ID room came out and that's why, when it'sthem intermixe the Madinto, a browder Besar film, it's not that way at all.Taking this back to brandap on the BRANDR or some similarities, bran uponthe Brainis all over the place in terms off its narrative structure and itscrasura elements at still a consistent story, a sorpetical commedical story ofGuymadin himself growing up on an island with an overprotective mudterrunning some kind of ware Bisare Science, experience of orphans, kidsand it Etendos is call Ranon the brain remembrance in twelve chapters it setup in twelve chapters, and each of them just gets more and more and more Besaractually sounds really cool. Chris may best should check out round upon thebrain. I do really like the idea of experimenting on kids, not that I onadvocate that myself. It just really opens up the possibilities for whatfilm is capable of doing. You definitely need to watch it when youConso, I had similar impressions, Ofe Forbiddeng Room to you. I thought itwas an interesting experimental word that perhaps didn't work as a cohesivenarrative and whereas the narrative an rand upon the brain. As as Chris said,it's strange and bizarre and Surrelen Tex eato, some wer wonderful placesit's more coherent and it is kind of like a magical dark fantasy wherethere's lots going on and some of the reactions that Madin gets from isactors as well. Arant it just bertraying the emotion and even thoughit's a strange ride, it is, is quite an emotional journey as well, so hopefullyyou'll give it a go and enjoy it as much as I did is like to cut in on whatTom an earlier we'd trid to work ran tepotegrame without the narration. Ithink that would be really interesting. Thous like to say that live norrationthefactors married her along with a script, bring something really specialyinto te filled because to weigh the narrator interacts with the intertitlesand vice versais really interesting, because manyways we'll be cing eachother princanse narrator might say something like the past the past thepast and either sometime before that or something later, the intertitle. Thepast will have been shown as well Orthewi even coming. I there on thesame time ttending this bizare surreal, Echo, so it it is so many interestingways that Manit works with narration anding the title to Grati cand of Besarcomedic, mystical gothic comedy, but to take this arn to refeel that as almostexact opposite that strips down what on temporary silence, Inmain B to itssimpless components. Rov The air doctor clonk found that, unlike the previous, I etalkig about the escention tasted inspirations, not from tone t CEA, oneHoun, nine htden and twenty, but from...

...the San Cinema of t nineten hundred anineteen pencs creating acompletely completely different experience thanany of the other films would b distusting in his podcast doctor. Plunkis a film that I first saw in two thousand and eight a few years ago andsince then irewatched it two times over the years, including just this week,and it's a film that I've always found to me very dynamic and reallyinteresting. It's from Rof to here which, as an Australiaan ID, say hisuprais film, Directo, Heis, py, best known four films like the tracker orbad boy. bubbies Bhe's also done a lot of really gret experimental and outtheir films like a quiet room at Alexandar's project anyway, Doctor Pumpwas a film which actually almost saw in cinema's BN playing at the arthousecinemas. So I did' end up seeing it. When I came out on a sort on DVD, I wasvery impressed with it because it really does mimic the style of theorder. Films, like Chris said on the nineteen hundreds and nineteen tens,but what it also does is that it creates a time trouble film, but onethat sort of genuinely works if plot of it a nut. Shell was about Thi scientistin nineteen O, seven, who of a somehow thatill, be the end of the world. In aHundred Years Times we decides to Time Trouvele to the future, who builds atime machine which is made out of word and remindsment of the atime machine inprime, just because it's so basic. It's got like this, like giant like jumpingspord at the onside of it, which prograbs it. Then, when he goes intothe arfuture, what he sees is the future of two thousand and seven waythe film was made. I was watching, go well thit's going to be in a fiell madein Nineteen, oh seven, and you wouldn't really know the difference, becauseit's actually shot on a hangcrank camera here. Actually, purposelthy gota camera built to shoot the film in when you're, actually watching it. It'ssort of like players whet that's ort of like flicker that you see with and Crakcameras gives it a very genuine fiel. What's also really igesting about thefilm. Is that S it progresses Alon and they go into the future. The cinematechniques actually become more adventurous. When doctor plumpsbygpursued of the future there's some shracking shots that are pressed, Ifrily t as hes driving towards the camera there, some Gra Low, cammerangle, shots looking up. Ars People are dancing on beams and its sort of liketracking that progress, whereas all the shots in the nineteen or seven part orin the static way that you wuld see the very oldasine that films as beingphotographed. It's also really interested about doctor plunk is a lotof it's about the progression of watching films. Pole idea, Sday goesinto two thousand and seven, and he sees all these triumhs for Thi fo aboutthe end of the world. He sees t at on television. He has no idea what atelevision is. He has no idea why people are sitting in a living room andwatching this box saying the end of the world is coming and not reacting andnot doing anything, and it's a bit about the complacency that we've comewith watching films, wher we're no longer woud or impressed or shot by anyof that, and I think the forn has a lot to say about what we are like asspectators with watching films. And one of the point I'd like to make is wat,thinks really dynamic about the film is that Dctor plogs are really smart andintelligent man and the Hology is that it can be as smart as and he aned couldbe a spot as Ionstat, but still going into the futue ill always be mind.Blowing the next generation's technologywill always be much moreadvanced and much more mind blowing than nything that you might be able tocomprehend or think you' comprehend if you leve in a generation earlier beingthat you mentioned somewhere, dottorplant goes t the future and hesees how people become entranced by their television set s. One of myfavorites in the film. I love that just how the people sat there watchingcompletely oblevious to everything else around them and Alovety gugs thetrevolve around the television set like how, when he tries to take televisionback to the past- and it just fails miserably with that, and I think it isa great plot as well the fact that it swings between nineteen hundreds, aSonof, filmrea wre, just in Ahada and and Modern Day as well, an thediffeence in techniques that he uses. I have picked upon some one that, but notalso it is brilliant to think that directe really paid close attention tothe techniques when Maganis fell, and I also love the inclusion of a sychic dogas well, who comes place to steal in the shee in a number of scenes, and yetI a lot of fun of this one in it. It's great to see that whenever I watch offto hearfilm they're always vastly different, he used different techniques,different styles and it makes for a unique experience. You never know quitewhat you were about to sit down and watch what you ad a Hav as I'd. porallyagree with that Omon Rol to hear a is best films, nothing and all like eachother and yet ther all very dynamic in...

...different ways. Yes, always trying outdifferent things, Ia've seen tink pretty much all of his films, exceptfor one from the nineteen nineties, made one from two thousand and they'reall very different and he's lways trying to do something different thanthe r like the whole set of Alexander's project. About this one Gu sing downand watch a videotype ends up being a much more intense experience than youcan possibly imagine a bad boy. Bubby is just the whole idea of the adicalcomplex, a completely different level, and then you get things like the trackof which hares more series of music videos and an actual plot, and you getfilms like ten canoes, which has gone entirely. An abriginal language, Iye,Tohear, O ofthes directors, always pushing the envelope. Try Ing dosomething different, which is why I think Heis our country's greatestdirector in that's interesting point about here too, because coming intothis, I was just really surprised that et was tehere t at was doing this, butgiven its history of trying so an different styles, it makes completesense to me and with that I I just want to go back atha handcrank camera and the way he makes this fiel look, because that iswhat really stands out there. I A O compoldents, and the first thing I justlove- is the Wei H, nineten or seven treens Largein, play wit just at wrongsounstage, exactly like milliones duse, the Co have things being pushedtogether, magic being performed as by a cut and SOM smoke. It's all this verysimple, synhmatic tos magic that MLAs was doing in I nineteen hundreds andhere pools thedask to well. Then you have these outside scenes, interntolseven, which clearly place on a lot of EMA, trolley, Shapwiy, AD busterc films.You have the itle par chases, end Cetera, abigs are to Stak and straigetout from TAT Tera kup Tim from the early twenties, that of the cat. Hey,have all these little gags about taking people behind alsoocute looks from therassistant in the park, which are clearly taking directly from Chaplin.Is S so much low for erally silence in my air? That's really a joy to watch,but then what I thought was most impressed in is that by using thisandgrand camera and shooting Moldan Day life in two thousand and seven, heactually makes it wor. This is not th, two thousand and seven we have everseen before an or likely to ever see. Again again, I looks and feels like nninety ten Phil, even I y police cars smoked coming in. It still has that theesthetic in the still worlds be tosts of the techniques is using anitcrediblyimpressent. Doctor plunk is perhaps one of the films out of all the silentcontemporary ones that have watched the ideas hostly to the techniques used inthe Hada of a SIENC cinema ran ascres said it. It's brilliant that he usesknow the old techniques such as smoke and pays Om ars to such great directorsin an artists from the silent area. Although it's perhaps not my favor tof,those that I watch recently, it's an impressive piece of work that shoulddefinitely be sought out by anyone who enjoys contemporary silence, Whit,Dobanc doets, which is really great, as Tha Eghnique t an shot like wonder inthe r earlier Senes and just taking the aesthentics of ulisand cinema into thepresent oabli's, not as exciting as the basics of the story. Thare could be alot more development. There wit e days inside of probably what was done inNinen seven. Ninety ten, at what type of character develpment escetera youhad there t tus so much wanted even taking this back to say, early posterhiton films et Cetera before his great works like this, is essentially whatyou wil be seeing, and it's sharming it's lovely and is again in the greatfilm adding in a slightis agreement to Talp, though, when they calls this tha,Hey, dayve, sen, Ima, I would disagree there. I think that this is playing oe,so early days of sons in them, and what I personally consider thim tat istowards the very end when the medium had eveloped more the CARAN was morefree and what make Dotoplon inestingents courses tat Hiscamais,essentially always static. It's always playing within those earlierlimitations that in manyways disappear at the end of the period, somethingthat ill just mention. Jumping in there is the e S. I agree that doctor PankIsnin Ha great homage to the very best of silent film. I think it is a greathomage to the very best of silent, comedy and Y, even beyond the nineteenhand, stuff a lot of the adchase things. A the arhey stone cops type routinesvery well done. They're very well. Corne and they're very well shotsomething else which I find very...

...interesting and very dynamic aboutDoctor Plong. Is it actually is a genuine silent film? Oh withoutspoiling it because you actually do a bit of sound druwing, the film there issome sound and dialoguein the artist as one line of dialogues set out loud andsilent movie. There is some singing on some voices in Intina, but INDOCR PL.There actually isn't any Soundin Alo, there's actually a genuine son of film. They just really interesting that incontast all of the other silen films we histese and will go out, t longan an ogo on to the artistand who'll go on to Dantaneris. All of them are riging outlate, nine teen D, Twentie, even earli n e Hosanie, hudred and thirty areesthetics, but doctor blunk does not yeah the next film AH is Lanpanma. Itis a fugturistic Tim emanuesc as te compared to Sayma troppolist and it'sdifferent from the other fields. Whe Talki about it that it's not really atrue silent. There are actually characters that have B or Sing, butthat's also what makes I so special excen. It takes place in a future worldwhere all voices have been dwolen and en taken away, but thereis still ismistr Oman. Who can sing and there is still a child, I can speak and Landenareally takes arm the most impression, distinct, beautiful and creativeelements off syle cinema and Mi tosit into something else. Something NewLaantenant is a beautiful love letter to the fantastical worlds depicted inthe golden age of San and Cinema. Omargis to water, such as chaplain LNGGamelias, bring flavor to it, Gillymask Testopia, where everyone has lost theirability to speak. Half of me, mysterious, lady known only as thevoice in the story. The city's inhabitants are kepth in order by aShady Television Company and its CROK director who, as searching for ways toextend his control, ING Magine when he recently fired work, ncover a plot toKinat the voice and usher ability to hypnotize the city's residence. Heinterversantly drags his DAUGHTR and exwife into a dangerous struggle toseave the population o a terrible fate, so the Argentinian directtstebanksappear is cleverly updated. His San and film Wofh, a modern twist people speakand Lente. The words appear onscreen next to them as the words in a speechbcomipa by using Aralia, fonts and sizes. SIPIERS concoption conveys morethan just what the corters saying and provides us with fevor in sight intohow each ulteranc is delivered in the Hayday SALN films included into titlesto narrate the story. Andsuppars a novel idea means that the flow of hisscenes isn't interrupted. Alsoe addinto, the overall charm of the picture.Underneath the enchanting presentation, you have a timely allegory forhumanity's idalization of the television set and also a starreminderof the evil, dtatorship thate being wash germy when the narcies were inPowerl, symbolism is used to deliver ISSIPIOR's messaginist utilize in thasubtle way. It is not to overwhelm the fantastical elements of the story andprovides food for thought. Alongside the enthralling adventure toes en shoes,tisfomee is easily my favorite of the contemporary sandfilms. It's such acreative piece of Woir attaps into the scienctefiction and fantasticalelements that I love about cinema and updates it for modern audiences. In waythat creates a ole, origional peacetat really struck a cord at me. I watchedLAN tunner. The first time this week H, I was very impressed by it. I watchedit based on the recommendation from Tom, a ECOMMENDATION from Adam r producer,as ttor mentioned. What's really impressive about the film? Is the useof tital cards B T only that it stops into ruption of the FIBARIN tetylacardsand top of the actors? What the total cards actually do is they provide anexta bit of interaction, there's a part where the girl's father talks aboutresponsibility, or something like that, and the girl actually looks up at theword appearing above herhead and the characters pushed different titl cardsoff the screen. Sometimes the TORTO cards appear behind there or appear infront of them. That was thenumber. One thing that really impressed me by. Ireally liked the whole idea of the young girl, phrotagonist and she's sortof grown up in this well without voices. So when she sees her neighbor who's gota voice. It's like something almost totally new to her her heurs comparedto the adults who seemd to remember an time when people weren't always talkingin subtiles or talking in title cards and just everything else that Tom saidabout avision sets about watching...

...things about power and control anddictatorships. And yes, the rise of night desm which reduced there assomething image in there is really powerful, and I found it a veryengrossing, Tallo overall and just very cleverly done and very beautifully shot.It's also amentioning Tha Dargentino US also a passions dictatorship for afairly long time. I alt really loved Latama, but especially because of theimpessionistic Vishal to createivisionastis that Ou en realbuilding or the best of what Sounsin Wha Coul do wishurly it fantastic, butat the same time there was thisdigital fiel to some of the effects, somethingdidn't quite Gy, which brought I don a little bit. In my estimation, I'm justthinking back to when I first saw the film now and it's quite a nice littlestory. I remember I was at college when I first saw the trailer for this filmAndathe Time. I was kind of enamote by the films of Michare Gandrid, EternalSon, China, spotless mind and the science of sleep and the kind ofSurrele fantastical approach that the director had taken to frigialize indreams, onscreen, and I remember seeing the trailer Firlor antene, a and justbeing mesmerized by this world that had been created by estebands appier andfor a while. The trailer was all that I could see. You know this was a quite anobscure independence. Argentenian film, Anlivey, Togeta release in themainstream cinemas, an the UK, and I think that it was the first film thatactually travelled to see. I remember to get train Roud to a city to go andwatch it, because I'd watched the trailer over and over and have becomefascinated with it, and I couldn't wait to see it at the cinema and there wasonly a hundrdful of people in the screen. A D there was just a one offscreen in an artous cinema and I absolutely looked it and it just bringsback fond memories from me and I'm glad that everyone who seems to watch it youknow falls in love. I H as much as I have, and this brings us up to a filmwhich shotingly BROUGHP andtreadable amount of people to thinemouth, to seea silent film, O, of course, of the artist from two thousand and elevenwhich, by almost pure sands, managed to enter theavolcercit, become aninternational sensation and win best picture. I love the artis. I think itis two incredible tinks. At the same time, the first wals bring a largescale silent to life, Wi, just inredible, visuales, increedible,elegance capturing, so many things I loved about Classic Silent, Bromacomedies of Nineten twentties of Saking witor. It is just it's just beautifullymade at the same time, it also works on the Manta Lavel of wrapping up thetiety of the Silandera INA, broader story, a love letter to Sann cinema anda lover to the period itself, and it's such an interesting and great work, andI would love to hear her binion of it. I shore a very similar opinion of theartist to Ou Quist, to cancertainly, see why it's such an esteemed work and,like you, I think it's brilliant, that it incumpses Manar in Hollywoods, wheresilent films, ere, fallen out of favor and the relationship between the twoleads. The unscreen chemistry, I think, is just fantasty. You've got John Yardin who is facial expressions ar really in such a Suarve debonair lead in manand then you've got e e. The INNOCENTE, while the initial innocence of FereniSpio is a peppy Miller and she brings a lot of Litin and life to the film. Itdid an excellent job it showcasing silent films could accomplish when youconsider the techniques that can be used today to update them. I thought itwas notable that some of the most impactful scenes in the film and thosethat are completely silent without any music, and it was really interesting tosee that those for me kind of stood out on emotional level and for it forreally being quite powerful artist. As a film that I sat down and rewatchedlast week for the first time since it came own and cinemas, I was veryimpressed with it at the time interest in going back and looking at it,because there's bits and pieces of the film that me as being more prominentthan they actually were so I know I mention the chemistry between the leads,and I agree that they have very good chemistry together. Theye scems,together are very electric. That's actually a very little time dedicatedto the buddying romantic feelings between them. It's actually very muchfocussed on gardens, mear down for and...

...refusal, true transitions, O soundthought was interesting. It was less of Ar Remonte film. I remembered somethingelse which is a bit different since two thousand and twelve is that, since thanI've actually watched singing in the rain and back a few episodes again, wetalked about feelings that we had avoided in one of the podcast andsinging in the rain was a film that I'd been avoing for a long time, because aclockwork orange is one of my favorite films. He watching the artist wit singin the rain in mind and not to compare and CUN trust them a little bit, and Idon't know if the arts ase like digs deeply into the whole idea of thetransition arm solent to sound cinema. So that part there powed a little bitin my mind by stoff thought. It was an incredibly well done film. I reallylike Thi howthe director plays around with sound and therelhite Toms, hadthere's some great silence, arm shots and theyre without any music at all,iin the downfour sections, where judid an is standing there bentover an ousort of see a gigantic poster of him from his Hay. Dat frane behind him wasreally good and here's an excellent dream of secrets and the ASS, whichcomes in the middle of the piak shore, around thirty or thirty five minutes,then ver suddenly and her sound everywhere, and that was just reallycleverly done with all is accentr in Souswen e puts tha class dowt and theCamrat woser starts to rock Wan. We start to get some children shots inthere in INS, a very dynamic film and I really enjoyed watching it a secondtime very funny at the best of times, and of course it's got a very welltrained dog and there before some excellence, Sdon't work. I thinkeverybody found look at that dog when I first saw and saw that I did have avery well trained dog in eperforming all these tricks and it was getting allthisclaim. I was likewhy, isn't evrybody seen dctor plunk 'cause.That's also got a film with a very well trained dog in there and it wasn'tgetting anywhere near so much a claim, but you know do really like both filmsand they're, both alltime favorites for me, and I really like the fact that, atleast through my interections on the I check movies for 'em, we've got somemore people checking out films like doctor, plunk, now tisove ha that can paid for doctorplane. Today. This prpased a fold of each dog next to the chater and say,did youlove the dog in the artist. Then theyr Gan allow the dog inocte blank. In iths S, coing back to what theartist does so well, if the visual story telling like Tom talked about Wiever lead next to posn from his floridays, it's just it just does thebishual impression of the Soun there as so? Well, that's also wat is so oftenmissy today and what was be so spectacular, wit kind of sican revival,ver once again, conside these vistual first feelins, giving US incredibleexperiences. Another visual part of the artist which I think I'll mention,because it was really good, is apart, where jdaden is sitting there drunk ordrinking, and he slams down his glass on a table, and we suddeno realize thatwhat we've been seeing is actually a reflection is, isn't the actual shot.It's reflection within the shining tabletop of the bar of a counter, alsogoing to mention that Sol, believe it or not. Just in the F R example of theslit kind of visual production involved in the film and how enchanted it is oneof the other ISPEC that I thought was brilliant was where they usedminiatures and I think it might have been in the same scene where there'sshrunken people who come into attack the lead, and it's things like that-that really bring it to life and Anot er lot of Charci agree completely a awhen I saw the artist for the first time I had his feeling an is or that Wysilen films are really blowing up again, wit, going to be able to get morecopygainsts, more people, hove binspired, to make this type of film,but it didn't really happen. Butgot first, when I saw that Tantaeviz wascoming up, I really thought. Ok, this is the firstfilm that's coming in on the silent way after the artist another large burcetile film, but that's not actually true. Like pobleburger, the director ofLataneviz was gin. INURIATED theeerat artist was coming out. He had beenplanning to make the first largescale proper, sill film in ears, and it'salso so interesting to look at the differences between these two films.The artist like sin movie is a Lon leater to the specific period and moreso it has a unique story using silent cinema language to capture the period,an the character's mind in the place where he is while Baccaneves isagenuine silent, film again with story...

...using silent film, Aesthetic that in noway draws attention to the fact that is a silent making it an Increndibley.Interesting work has also just so ganinte fantastic ASER, modern updateof Snow White in the seven warfs and from the opening scenes. There's justkind of this elegance and almost kind of delicate feeling to it. As you see anumber of static shots of of the local where it set, and it really draws youin from the very open scenes, tere' some incredibly impressive editonthroughout the film and I was blown away with, there's a few scenes wherethe Editin as cooks in time with either the sound of custonets or the clickingof Cambes. That really maybe set up and take notice thought this was excellentand you know you can tell that as acris said, that was a project that had beendeveloped for some time. I read that it had been developed for every eightyears and you can see that with every shot. It's so beautiful. I watchdblanconyove for the first time last week and I really enjoyed it. Like mycohost, I was very impressed with how well it was mae nat so of it so much amodern update of snow white airs a film that references it like when she meetsthe dwarfs. LADER onthey said she could be Snow White. As in the story, thestory does deflet quite a lot from it. It's actually only really the secondhalf, I think, of the film as she's grown up. It really becomes a lot likeSnow White Story, a lot of the earlier part of it. I was actually reminded alot of a film cored Amaor, which is a orgin M horror film in three sections,and a lot of it's like that. First episode there about the ogirl in thisgigatic match iner, where, with all this mysterious places where she's notallowed to go- and I thought the silent film format worked really well for that,so it wasn't so much a the director Wante to make a contemporary sign offilm wich felt more to me like an artistic choice like the best way topossibly present this girl's. Nightmarish well, is to be able to filmin the style of a silent film. Like Tom, I was also very impressed with theeditinger and not just the UM editing with sound, but also sum the rapid fireAnniti, which is Editin, which wouldn't have been possible in the nineteentwenties. Olivet reminded me, I guess of like battleship AttempkinPedientrecei, editing like that, at least in you know, mainstream orAmerican, or U K film at that time. So that was very impressive and also all F.The Camera Workers Agane Comee, wouldn't have been possible, the nineand twenties? U There's this wonderful shot where the father is viewing hisbaby for the first time and the camerapools all the way up to ashondelier and looks down from there an that sort of camera work: l, Seein,Fillino, the nine and Twentie so Otos, a very good updating using that star topresent a night mere well, but also biwrding on the possibilities with theinsilent cinema. He'd also make Sucha great comparison to what we're talkingabout limitarly with doctor Tlon acadeaves really just takes the bestlate, one aninehtden and twenty Cinmakando, and I realize that whenpeople think of somethingbout, they often think stadin shops, theyoftontain lest techniques. But there was a fantastic period word the endwhen the truly mastered silence, Ver, truly master, the Carera and e trulymastered. How do that film's breed a'm thinking of Ou k, ow, fantastic fielmslike APSTINS INISTEREA or say the Brillian Bracilian said the symphonyLizboi, where you just had a camera slow through people's lengs as watersplushing around them and hi feel at urgency or in Inis Ravy fiel. When youfeel everything you have this free caring, have this strength and Rokaneisreally just dustesact same thing. It just opens up and brings m all theseinceredible pechniques and the twine which wistual first store calling andin the tidles and is Makei such a fantastic magical experience. It's afilm that genuinely show cases the possibilities of Contemporary SilentCinema. You know it tries to push the boundaries and and do new things, andit really makes me sad to think that you know this is the last notablesilent film that we've had, and you know, there's so much to explore outthere, and I hope that you know we get to see more in the near future, reallybecause I've had so much fun visiting all these contemporary songs n. Hestats the last of tetchnically. There was one more granded was an alternativecut, which I haven't seen. I don't...

...think any if you have seen either mannext very rode was in fact, caugt and rereleased asked a silent film, a D,and I wei haven't seen it. That sounds really interesting, because that wassuch a Bishfal film as well haven't seen the buckon white version of MadNaxpere road. I didn't know that there was a black and white version. I didn'trealize the black and white version was also a silent version, actually wasavailable on Blue Rain. I could buy and watch R if really wanted to. No, if Iwould really love it myself. The first time but fs thing to know IV got to saythat that sounds purely inquests and for curiosity's sake. I really wouldlike to see it because it is quite a visual film, so I'd love to see how itworks in e Plas, viewing it in oviation with all that set them with all of us.Qhite sad hasn't been and proper major sil Finsi Pacanebes Wasraco, hoping tosee from Sin Films in the common years. What do you think will actually happen?I would love to see more original films such as Lernteno and Bankaneevis, thatyou know just create these incredibly inventive, fantastical worlds wherethey sat their stories and build on the visual styles of science, cinema toodate it for new audiences love to see more filmmakers venture into souand Ho.The call of Kattoo loof was a brilliant entry into this onre. A silentHorosynemus so it'd be great to see more directors, experiments woman inthat regard, because I think, when a horror film is doing in such a way thefocus t more on the atmosphere and the suspense and and mystery and thoserelements that really appeal to me lie Tom. I would like to see more silentfilms, the ones that ave been catching up on thecontemporary ones over thepast couple of weeks have been very impressive and very imilsive. I thinkit's a really great stale that can be used to very good effect, especially Isomething like blancanneove, where trying to do a bit of a horror, film orhorror, mystery wone in there ifperfect for that sort of mode, then going backto what we talked aout before with wh. It took so long for Mil Brooks to makehis silent movie ating it's something which is going to be still hard to getfunding for mean the artist was fine years ago now, and we haven't reallysee much in the way of silence cinema. So I don't think there's going to be inthe find otual argument to backen up it's going to be those adventurousproducers who are willing to stink a bit of their own money in maybe we needsomebody like Tom Ford who fine outs all of his own films over his ownpocket to actually make another sign that film for us and Wer Completey, with both of youthat it would be great to see more silent, horror, fils and that's also,where it's possible to get really grated on really more bardsheps andplay around. And in that way, Wich and his audience where fo people eventuallystart seeing the hole of Cattroo when gets inspired to do similar things,also adding tobout er one saying A. I think what I would really love fromOtemporay silent films is just what Blacaderis did: keep building al thefantastic vishal techniques of the late twenties and keep taking it new heightsand keep giving us these kinds of stories. Unfortunately, I think itreall is Goingt, be one of these two things either we will see really lowbudshut films by amateurs or people really excited to do this Orgal see amajor director like an orcouse director. Try to do something like this rthereare some people who could do it like the hair. I think the first all I'mthinking about woul probably be someone like Royaanditon who in many waysincorporate early scilent, astetic incence that he has warm shop sceneswhere everything takes place, insides tat frame. I then o e do some reallyexciting things with it and there's a lot of other vistual directors. EvenPiero, Vo Dovar Gilicote was able to thro and talk to her Tou makeanspectaccular sil film. The question is just if they would want to a D woulddefinitely watch a son and film directed by Armadiver, and, what's more,I really love to see that Sonat film and talk to her actually expared an soan actual film. That is something that I would go to watch OI. That would behabson fantastic, Thi tat scene, drawn out into full film with that type icethat they. I think that would be one of the most interesting fils Olmebor hasever done. T actually pull it off. averything would actually roak withthat. The and idink is time to Plose the curtains on our contemporary silendcinema episode, Hantiful, listening and joins against in you have been listening to talking.Inmecn E fisial, harscast of ICM FOROF, dotcom.

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