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Episode 29 · 3 months ago

2001 vs Solaris (Space Exploration, part 1)


Get your battle helmets on - we're doing this.

2001 vs. Solaris.

Kubrick vs. Tarkovsky.

Oh, and ... all of cinematic history, well ... in space anyways,

Yes, that's right - in this glorious two-part episode (did we mention that were will be a follow-up?!) we will look at ALL of space exploration history - going all the way back to A Trip to the Moon.

Early films excluded, which, can almost be seen as fantasy as opposed to science fiction - we have a bold proclamation to make - and that is that 2001 and Solaris exemplify the two clear paths most late space exploration films take. 

Essentially, there is the idea - and within this episode we may get closer to figuring out if it is true - that great films of space exploration do one of two things:

1. Use space exploration to explore grand themes and concepts.

2. Use the idea of space exploration to discover truths about the human psyche.

And of course - as always, there is an overlap.

In this episode, we will cover the early days of Space Exploration, and the debate itself.

And for a quick sneak peek - in the next episode we will essentially dive into all the major space exploration films that came later - and not only talk through them - but see them in the context of 2001 and Solari - and discuss which path they chose to follow, and which, if any, break free from this binary.

Happy listening, and please join in the discussion at

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