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Episode 3 · 9 months ago

Spanish Horror Films: The Complete History (1962-Present)

In this episode we will attempt to talk you through the entirety of Spanish horror film history, starting from Jesus Franco's The Awful Dr. Orlof and The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus (the first ever two Spanish horror films!), and continueing on through 60s, 70s and 80s Eurohorror onto In a Glass Cage, Anguish, The Day of the Beast, Thesis, The Orphanage, Timecrimes, [REC], Kidnapped and so much more.

Also, get excited: We finish up with a detailed discussion of the recent super-hit The Platform, and our thoughts on the future of Spanish horror.

Episode 2 · 9 months ago

Klaus Kinski Played Nosferatu in Two Films and the Second is Pure Trash

AKA: The Klaus Kinski episode. 

Kinski is one of cinema's most controversial icons, and left us with a set of legendary films, especially his set of 5 collaborations with Werner Herzog, but also a long, long line of B- and C-grade paycheck films.

In this episode we will dissect his career through two films, one representing his highest achievements, one representing his lowest gutter trash, and he just happens to be playing the very same character in both of them: Nosferatu (perhaps his most iconic role).

Episode 1 · 9 months ago

How We Got Into Cinema

In this episode Chris, Clem, Gary, Tom and Sol each talk about their all-time favourite film and try to explain the impact the films had on them.

Episode 0 · 9 months ago

Pilot: Nobody Watches The Simpsons, and the New Episodes Are Not Allowed to Be Good

In this pilot episode Chris and Adam discover that, like everyone else, they no longer watch The Simpsons, sparking the questions: Who on earth are still watching it, is it on air for anything but sentimental or nostalgic reasons and could the new episodes actually be good?!